Volunteers and the Law

vols and the law image


    • Do volunteers have the same rights as employees?
    • Health and safety doesn’t apply to volunteers does it?
    • Do your volunteers sign a contract?
    •  you aware how easy it is to create a contract with volunteers?

    Many volunteer-involving organisations are not aware of the legal implications when working with volunteers. Our session aims to dispel myths and clarify your legal responsibilities. We also use actual case studies where volunteers have taken organisations to court, to help demonstrate bad practice when involving volunteers.

    What will the session cover?

    • What a volunteer is and when someone is not a volunteer
    • Who can or cannot volunteer and conditions that may apply
    • How current legislation has implications for volunteers and volunteer involving organisations
    • Identifying volunteers’ rights and the responsibilities of organisations when involving volunteers
    • Taking steps to avoid creating employment conditions with volunteers
    • Evaluating a legal case study and discuss the likely outcome

    We will also give you

    • a link to resources with lots of sample documents/information sheets etc
    • ongoing support from the Volunteer Centre

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