Essential documentation when involving volunteers


When you are involving volunteers there are some key documents you need to ensure you have good practice measures in place and planning ahead is a key to the success of any volunteer programme.

Your Volunteer Policy is the document that demonstrates your commitment to the volunteers who support you.

You also need to think about role or task descriptions, so volunteers understand their role and boundaries for it.

If you get the induction right, supported by a good volunteer handbook and a sound volunteer agreement, you are making sure you have sound foundations for a great volunteer-organisation relationship.

This session will look at the following areas:

  • Volunteer Policies – why you must have one and what to include in it
  • role descriptions – why they are important, what to include and you will have the opportunity to write one
  • preparing a handbook of information for your volunteers
  • making your induction process positive and welcoming
  • the value of volunteer agreements and hints/tips on how to put one together

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