Volunteer Centres

Volunteer Centres provide local support for individual volunteers and organisations that involve volunteers. This includes promoting good practice. If things go wrong, your local Volunteer Centre may be able to intervene and help to suggest possible solutions to the issue or problem and help signpost to good practice.

Ultimately, if you do have a negative volunteering experience, try to remember that this is the exception rather than the rule, and that many people view their volunteering in a positive light. If the organisation you volunteer with is unable to provide a suitable solution, remember that you are under no obligation to stay. There are numerous organisations, ranging from charities, voluntary organisations, community groups and statutory agencies, such as hospitals, schools or museums, which are actively seeking volunteers and would welcome an addition to their volunteering team.

When looking for another volunteering opportunity, don’t be shy about asking if the organisation has a good set of volunteer policies in place, because this will indicate how committed they are to managing their volunteers as well as how prepared they are for with any difficulties that may arise in future.

Your local Volunteer Centre should be able to help you find a new volunteering opportunity.

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