FREE 1 Day Safeguarding Train the Trainer Course

Dudley (CYPF) Network

Do you work or volunteer with children and young people in Dudley? Are you passionate about keeping them safe and helping others to as well?  Are you confident to deliver training and willing to commit to high quality presentations? If yes we would like to hear from you.

On Monday 31st July from 9.30 – 4pm Dudley CVS and Dudley Safeguarding Children Board are hosting a Safeguarding Children Train the Trainer course.  In return for this FREE CPD Course participants must be willing and have the support of their line managers to deliver a minimum of 4 single agency training sessions per year.

email If you would like to book or have questions

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How communities can breathe life into their green spaces: Friends of Huntingtree Park

Dudley CVS blog

I’m really pleased that one of the first groups I worked with since joining Dudley CVS, has now become a charity and it was lovely to pay them a visit earlier this week to see how they were getting on.

Friends of Huntingtree Park started in 2006 to address issues of antisocial behaviour in and around the park, which was causing the park to be underused and therefore unloved. Supported initially by my Dudley CVS colleague Kate, the Friends set up a simple constitution to formalise themselves as a voluntary group. They were also supported by a network of ‘Friends of…’ groups across Dudley borough and the local authority’s Parks Development team.

Friends groups are all sorts of shapes and types of not-for-profit organisation. Some are simple voluntary groups that don’t have much paperwork (in fact, many start this way), such as Friends of Grange Park, which…

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Laying a sound foundation will help with volunteer retention #wiseupwednesdays

foundationThe potential reasons why a volunteer may leave are endless, but before you start looking at them it’s probably worth doing a quick run through of your good practice measures for involving volunteers. There are some basic things which volunteers should really get when volunteering and if you aren’t providing them, they could be one of the reasons they are leaving!

  • role/task description outlining the volunteer role
  • initial chat when they first enquire about the role, outlining expected commitment
  • induction when they start, including essential things like who’s who, support available, what to do if they have any concerns
  • volunteer agreement – setting out their rights and responsibilities
  • handbook – with lots of information about the organisation and project they are volunteering with, plus essentials like procedures for claiming expenses, policies etc
  • named person to support them and answer any queries
  • regular support and supervision – this is the best way to keep in touch with your volunteers and see how things are going. If things aren’t going well, you will be able to spot these and prevent them becoming an issue!

There’s another important element of managing volunteers that is good practice but not physical such as a policy and that’s building a relationship with your volunteers, being available by phone/text/email/in person when they need someone to talk to. Building a mutually trusting relationship may not guarantee a volunteer won’t leave, but it will hopefully ensure they raise any issues or concerns with you, however small, before simply deciding to leave.

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17-7-4Most people get a free newspaper through their door or pick up a free one when they are getting on a bus or train, it’s something we take for granted.

For some people though it’s not so easy!  Why not offer to read the paper to an older person, or someone with a visual impairment, so they feel connected with what’s going on in the world. You could also help them by reading letters, cards even bills, so they know exactly what’s going on.  This a great social role and makes a huge difference to someone who feels isolated through age or sensory impairment.  Beacon Centre for the Blind are always looking for volunteers from across the borough and Age UK has Good Neighbour volunteer roles too, so why not get in touch.

Marketing, press releases and social media

17-7-4-2Do you have media, marketing or communication skills?  If so there are not-for-profit groups across the borough who need volunteers with this kind of expertise to help them tell the world what they are doing and spread the word about their services. You could help with newsletters, social media, websites etc., so why not get in touch with the Volunteer Centre to see what sort of roles we have on our books?



Spread the word – volunteer!