Let’s start a conversation about a Poverty Network for Dudley borough @cildudley

As an organisation supporting disabled people, we have become increasingly aware and concerned about the growing levels of poverty in our borough.  This is before the rollout of universal credit to the majority in our borough.

We would like to join up with any formal or informal network in this area, or to discuss forming one if no such group currently exists.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in working with us.

Call or text 07989515771, email dudleycil@outlook.com We are on Facebook and @cildudley on Twitter.

Tracy and Ken McClymont
Dudley CIL

We would like to learn more about your experience as a volunteer. @WeAreBCR @DudleyMBC

Please tell us about your volunteering experience, how you are supported and the ways in which you are valued.  We would love you to tell us by completing our online survey.  You do not need to leave your contact details if you prefer not to, but we would really appreciate your feedback.  Thank you 🙂

4 of 5 great reasons to volunteer #tuneintuesdays

Volunteering can help you boost your own motivation to go further in life and try new things.  Lots of people all around the world support communities, not-for-profits and charities that they have an interest in.  volunteering is rewarding and it will help you step outside your comfort zone, tackle new challenges and meet people you wouldn’t otherwise.

OPP OF THE DAY: Volunteer Walk Leaders @LetsgethealthyD

We couldn’t run our walks without our volunteers. Every day they’re supporting people to live happier, healthier lives through short group walks.

Our volunteer walk leaders are at the very heart of Walking for Health.

As a volunteer walk leader, you’ll be helping people in your community to get active and healthy, providing vital support that they otherwise might not get.

Our walk leaders love their roles and tell us great stories about how much they enjoy helping others to get active and get walking. Plus you’ll stay active, develop your leadership skills, get to know your local area and meet lots of new people.

What do walk leaders do?

During a walk, walk leaders are at the front, middle or back of a group – making sure everyone is safe and happy. They plan routes, support walkers and act as ambassadors for walking – showing people that walking really can make a big difference to their lives.

Do I get training?

Yes. You’ll receive a day’s training from a nationally recognised and well respected scheme, as well as refresher training every two to three years. You can find an outline of the training and what you’ll cover here.

You’ll also receive ongoing support and guidance from your local scheme coordinator and from the Walking for Health national team, and access to Walking for Health resources and equipment to help you fulfil your role.

What skills do I need?

The main skill we need from our volunteer walk leaders is an enthusiasm for walking and its benefits!

You don’t need any particular experience, but we love our leaders to be friendly and welcoming, with good communication skills; reliable, punctual and well organised; confident at speaking in front of small groups; able to take control and be assertive when needed and observant and sensitive to the needs of others.

How much time do I need to give?

Most of our walks are short, around an hour or less. Including travelling, preparation and paperwork, leading a single walk close to home typically takes around 2 and a half to 3 hours, plus recces, occasional meetings and refresher training. Typical schemes expect their leaders to attend at least one walk a month, depending on the programme and the numbers of leaders they have.

We offer our Health Walks across Dudley Borough – but are particularly seeking volunteers for the following areas

  • Coseley – Silver Jubilee
  • Netherton
  • Wordsley
  • Halesowen
  • Leasowes
  • Himley
  • Saltwells

Why not visit our page to see our walks programme 


there are also lists for our summer programme of walks

For more info please contact:

Charlotte Fletcher
Senior Park Activator
Public Health, Dudley MBC

Office: 01384 816560
Mobile: 07980953508
Email: charlotte.fletcher@dudley.gov.uk

Hidden in Stores Lace from the V&A’s Collection @WeAreBCR

Rare lace, some dating back to the 1600s and never seen in public, is to go on show in Stourbridge on April 6.

The Lace Guild and Museum has been lent eight pieces of nationally and internationally-significant lace from the V&A in London.

The Hidden in Stores exhibition will see pieces stored in national museum archives reach a wider audience, generating much excitement in the UK lace making community.

The exhibits include: a rare coloured Honiton shawl, rumoured to have been on show at the Great Exhibition of 1851; exquisite examples of Milanese lace; early 3D English needle lace; and a purse by Ros Hills, one of the only contemporary lace makers to be held in the V&A Collection.

Ann Day, Assistant Curator at the Lace Guild, said: ‘We will have some amazing lace in the exhibition. Some pieces have never been out on display, and others have probably not been seen at a public exhibition for at least 50 years.

‘We are delighted the V&A has agreed to lend us these eight pieces, allowing significant exhibits to reach a new audience. In addition to the V&A lace, we will be exhibiting lace from the nationally-renowned Spriggs Collection, which is currently on loan to us.

‘We hope that through the Hidden in Stores exhibition, many new visitors to our museum in Stourbridge will discover lace and its fascinating history.’

The oldest V&A piece is a scalloped lace collar dated from around 1630, and the exhibition will also feature a contemporary purse made in the 1980s. A series of lace making workshops, ranging from beginners Bobbin Lace through to more specialised classes, will run alongside the exhibition.

The Lace Guild is a small independent accredited Museum run entirely by volunteers from a Victorian building in Stourbridge. The Hollies houses a collection of more than 16,000 artefacts.

Founded more than 40 years ago, the Guild collects both antique and contemporary lace and works to keep lace making alive as a registered education charity and membership organisation.

Hidden in Stores is part of Arts Council England’s Ready to Borrow scheme where regional museums can apply to exhibit items from national collections. So far, the fund has helped nine museums in the Midlands with investments totalling nearly £700,000.

Peter Knott, Area Director for Arts Council England, said: “It’s great to see these rare examples of lace from the V&A being shared with the Lace Guild here in the Midlands, allowing more people to enjoy and experience pieces from national museum stores.’

The V&A houses one of the world’s leading art, design and performance collections.

A spokesperson said: ‘The V&A lends to more UK partners than any other museum and in doing so we seek to promote, support and develop the UK creative economy by inspiring designers and makers, and by stimulating enjoyment and appreciation of design.’

The Lace Guild is open Wednesday to Saturday, apart from Bank Holidays, during the exhibition. Hidden in Stores opens on April 6 and runs until June 21.

Notes to Editors

If you would like to cover the Private View on the evening of April 5, or need to request additional images or interviews, please contact Louise on 07808 829390. The Private View guest list includes the Mayor of Stourbridge, Margot James MP, and a V&A representative.

Other media opportunities include:

Museums at Night at the Lace Guild, date tbc.

Workshops taught by national lace experts on 27 April, 11 and 12 May, 1 and 2 June, 8 and 9 June, 22 June, at the Red Cone (Sat nav DY8 4AZ), plus 15 and 16 June at the White Cone (DY8 4FB).

A quarterly lace identification day in May, where a member of museum team will be available to consult with about lace owned or made by members of the public.

The total awarded to Midlands museums by ACE’s Ready to Borrow scheme is £694,800.

Key Facts:

  • The Lace Guild is the largest lace organisation in the United Kingdom.
  • It is an Accredited Museum(since 2009) with a large collection of lace and artefacts.
  • It produces two quarterly magazines, ‘Lace‘ and ‘Early Days in Lacemaking‘.
  • It publishes booksof lace techniques and patterns and has a large library.
  • It runs courses and workshops throughout the UK and organises exhibitions


Website and Social Media:

Twitter: @TheLaceGuild
Facebook: @thelaceguild

Directions: The Lace Guild, The Hollies, 53 Audnam, Stourbridge, DY8 4AE. You can park behind The Hollies or get off the bus almost outside. The Lace Guild is down the road from the Red House Glass Cone and the Ruskin Centre, situated in the Black Country’s Glass Quarter.

About the V&A:

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) is the world’s leading museum of art, design and performance with collections unrivalled in their scope and diversity, spanning 5000 years of human creativity. It was established in 1852 to make works of art available to all and to inspire British designers and manufacturers. Today, its purpose is to champion creative industry, inspire the next generation, and spark everyone’s imagination.


Would You Choose Raw or Developed Volunteers?


close up photography of person s eye Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com

Fill in the blanks if you’ve heard these questions/comment:

“Why don’t we have enough volunteers to __________?”

“How hard can it be to find people willing to ___________?”

“Have you tried targeted recruiting for ____________?”

“There must be lots of retired ____________ who would love to use their talents to help us.”

In response, you may try to “educate” the other person with all the knowledge you’ve accumulated over time and say something about motivations, or retention rates or even the fact that staff in one particular department never follows up with volunteers.

Or maybe you tell them that yes, there are volunteers who are being vetted and please can they wait while you spend a bit of time making sure you’re not turning ax murderers loose on our client base.

If organizations are still of the mindset that anyone who inquires about volunteering is…

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