In your area

If you’ve got the volunteering bug you can contact Dudley Volunteer Centre to find out more about volunteering opportunities across the whole of Dudley borough. We will try to find the role that is perfect for you.

Before you do, why not look what volunteering opportunities there are available in your local area. There are some sample opportunities to start with, then a full list of what’s currently available in that area. The lists are large files, so may take a little time to open. The wait’s worth it though!   It’s really important that you find a role that suits you, so we like to offer you plenty of choice.

We will ask you to register with the Volunteer Centre, then pass your details on to the organisations you choose, so they can contact you and arrange to meet up for a chat.

12 thoughts on “In your area

  1. My 14 year old daughter would like to volunteer as part of a year 9 school project. Is there anything in Dudley that she could help with evenings or weekends on a short tem basis ? Thank you


  2. Hi I work for Lloyds bank and looking to do my day to make a difference with yourselves if possible?I have experience with dementia so just looking to do a days work in the area if u know anything I could volunteer for?

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