How the Investing in Volunteers Advisor will support you through the process

iivpartner_rgbThe IiV [Investing in Volunteers] Advisor has attended a training course to be able to provide the Advisor role.  They have had to pass assessments to ensure that they have the right skills and aptitudes for the role, and also sign a contract with IiV to agree to carry out the role to a high standard.  The Advisor will be able to support the organisation by carrying out the following 4 steps of the IiV process:

  1. Introductory Workshop
  2. Self Assessment feedback – within 2 weeks of receipt from organisation
  3. Development plan review and guidance – within 2 weeks of receipt
  4. Complete handover to assessment stage – as soon as all advisory steps completed

Minimum level of service from the VC Advisor:

To establish a relationship with the registered organisation, providing them with a specific level of service (outlined below), which will support them to achieve their IiV Award. Support should be to a maximum of 8 hours face to face or telephone contact per organisation.

  1. Signposting to the IiV good practice bank website.
  2. Signposting to other sources of good practice including other agencies.
  3. Providing examples of good practice – e.g. volunteer policies where required.
  4. Asking pertinent questions which encourage the organisation to think about volunteering in the context of their organisational culture and values.
  5. Maintaining awareness of the timetable agreed within the process and encouraging the organisation to work to deadlines.
  6. Has a good understanding of the IiV Standard, and is able to interpret meaning for different groups.
  7. Providing feedback on evidence – this could be over the telephone, by email or at meetings, depending on resources.
  8. Providing reassurance and encouragement during the process.

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