Women in Lockdown: Research Participants Wanted! @WeAreBCR

Women & Theatre is developing an ambitious online community production involving women across Birmingham & the Black Country as research participants & performers. Women in Lockdown will use music & ensemble performance to share authentic accounts of the impact of social isolation on women in this unique period of History.

We would like to speak to women of all ages and backgrounds from Birmingham & the Black Country about their ‘lockdown’ stories and reflections of this time. Research will take place in May 2020 and interviews can happen over the phone, via email or zoom, individually or in groups.

To get involved, please contact: jesspearson@womenandtheatre.co.uk or 07849 214 799.

This project is funded by Arts Council England.

We are Human, too


Pandemic. It’s a worrisome time and we, leaders of volunteers worry. A lot. Like mother hens, we cluck about, gathering masses under our protective wings. “I got you,” we murmur, pulling everyone close.

We worry about the frail volunteers who are determined to keep volunteering but may become infected with the virus. We worry about the volunteers who stay home and are missing that one, bright, social spot in their lives as they hunker down, alone. We worry about the clients we serve and how they are deprived of that perfect moment, when our skilled volunteer makes a connection, soul on soul.

We worry we aren’t doing enough, or we’re overlooking a volunteer who needs us. We worry that things will never be the same again, and our volunteers will leave over new regulations. We worry that volunteers may experience a new normal and be reluctant to work directly with…

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Um, Just What is a Volunteer Manager’s Time Worth?


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Value: It’s a head-scratching concept, right? Like, what is the value of friendship, or the value of sitting next to a waterfall, letting the sound soothe you?

I just finished reading the book, “The Worth of a Volunteer; And You Thought Physics was Super Complicated, Volume 2.” Some experts say we should use a set dollar amount for volunteer time spent and other folks think we should attach an amount equivalent to the job being done by each volunteer. No matter how you approach it, (for something completely different, see The Value of a Volunteer: $I#.@S) a monetary amount is routinely attributed to volunteer hours, because announcing at the annual luncheon “our volunteers contributed the equivalent of 87,632 hugs” just doesn’t have the same oomph.

But hey, what about volunteer managers? What is our time worth beyond volunteer management? You know…

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10 Things Organizations Don’t Know About Volunteer Management

A brilliant blog post tackling the misconceptions about volunteers and those who manage them!


I’ve always wanted to see a shareable pamphlet entitled “Volunteer Management, The Cliffs Notes.” It would list all the things we want organizations and senior management to know about volunteers and volunteer management. Here’s 10 of them:

10.Volunteers do not sit by their phones waiting for us to call. We don’t just “order up” when staff asks for eight volunteers who can work twelve-hour shifts, outside, tomorrow at 8 am. No one wishes it were that easy more than we, volunteer managers. Take volunteer Charles for example. Asking him to volunteer at the last minute when he has a job, other volunteering activities, managing his elderly mother’s affairs, and a family is unrealistic. He can’t drop everything to help us. It takes a wise volunteer manager to know how to sustain volunteers’ involvement so that volunteers are not overwhelmed and look forward to coming in to help.


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ACE Training for VCO’s in Dudley

Dudley (CYPF) Network

You may have heard that there is a new service on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in Dudley and Sandwell. Commissioned by the West Midlands Violence Prevention Alliance, through the PCC, we are aiming to raise awareness of the impact of ACEs and trauma on vulnerablepeople of all ages across the borough.

We would therefore like to invite you and your colleagues to a training event at the link below on June 5th. We have allocated 20 spaces to the voluntary and community sector for the event. To book places please visit:


Please disseminate information to any colleagues that you think would benefit from attending this training. We would suggest colleagues who:

  • Are interested in finding out more about ACEs
  • Work with vulnerable or traumatised people
  • Work with children and adults who may have experienced, or are currently experiencing, adversity.

Dudley local authority is committed to raising…

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