The Value of a Volunteer? $I#.@S


The Value of a Volunteer is

The official value of a volunteer is $25.43 U.S. according to Independent , an amount that converts to about £19 or $33 Canadian, $34 Australian and $36 New Zealand.

I honestly appreciate any help in assigning value to services rendered by volunteers because we need to point to tangibles when explaining volunteer contributions. But I think we should expound on the amount and not rely solely on this measuring stick.

It’s kinda like explaining an elephant by saying it’s an animal about 10 feet tall. Ok, but what does it look like or sound like or feel like?

By simply packaging volunteer value into monetary amounts based on hours recorded, we lose the opportunity to showcase all the incredible volunteer contributions beyond that 4 hour shift. So, how about we institute a more comprehensive formula for volunteer value?

I propose $I#.@S.

Broken down, $I#.@S stands for:

$: 25.43

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Would You Choose Raw or Developed Volunteers?


close up photography of person s eye Photo by Tookapic on

Fill in the blanks if you’ve heard these questions/comment:

“Why don’t we have enough volunteers to __________?”

“How hard can it be to find people willing to ___________?”

“Have you tried targeted recruiting for ____________?”

“There must be lots of retired ____________ who would love to use their talents to help us.”

In response, you may try to “educate” the other person with all the knowledge you’ve accumulated over time and say something about motivations, or retention rates or even the fact that staff in one particular department never follows up with volunteers.

Or maybe you tell them that yes, there are volunteers who are being vetted and please can they wait while you spend a bit of time making sure you’re not turning ax murderers loose on our client base.

If organizations are still of the mindset that anyone who inquires about volunteering is…

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8 Ways to a Good Volunteer Manager Poker Face


volunteer manager poker face courtesy

Yes, it’s true. We, volunteer managers cannot maintain a neutral expression when we hear a staff member tell a volunteer, “thanks for offering to help sweetie, but this is complicated.”

I can’t begin to count the number of times I’d catch someone watching my face during a meeting when a manager would be speaking and I’d be thinking, “yeah, our volunteer Andre told me you call volunteers ‘window dressing’.”

People would say to me, “ha, you have no poker face,” to which I’d scrunch up my nose and very cleverly respond, “oh yeah?” But they were right. I mean, how can we, volunteer managers actually keep a poker face when all those thoughts are rattling around inside our heads like “WHAT THE HECK IS A PARADIGM SHIFT ANYWAY?”

So, before you can’t stop yourself from busting out laughing when your supervisor says, “I think the volunteers will love…

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DSCB Stalking Training

Dudley (CYPF) Network

Please note there are a limited number of spaces still available for Stalking on Monday 18th March 9:00 – 4:00pm

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the session delegates will

  • Understand what constitutes stalking and harassment
  • Understand the importance of specialist risk assessment and intervention delivery
  • Understand the impact on victims
  • Understand criminal and civil law in relation to stalking and harassment
  • Know how to deliver a safe and effective response to victims and their families
  • Be able to construct a safety plan for a stalking victim and know where to refer them for support

If you are interested in booking on please enrol on the link below:

For more information on our other courses please visit:

Please note there are a limited number of spaces still available for Stalking on Monday 18th March 9:00 – 4:00pm

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the session delegates…

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Dudley Innovation fund – Round Two

Dudley (CYPF) Network

Hold the date: Voluntary Sector Innovation Fund Round Two- Launch Event

Date: Tuesday 12th March Time: 5–8pm

Venue: Amblecote Christian Centre,102-104 Brettell Lane, Amblecote DY8 4BS

Following the successful launch of the Voluntary Sector Innovation Fund in December 2017, Dudley Council is about to launch Round 2 of this exciting initiative for the borough.

The background to the Fund was the recognition by the Health and Wellbeing Board that we need to work together to do things differently in Dudley to achieve longer, safer, healthier lives for all.

We have a strong history across Dudley borough of people working together to improve their local communities. In order to support this approach, Dudley Council has identified the Voluntary Sector Innovation Fund to enable people in our local communities to do more of the things they do best.

We all have an active role to play in helping to make this…

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Volunteer Management Chess


black and white chess pieces on chess board Photo by Charlie Solorzano on

Do you ever dream you’re playing a game of chess and your volunteers are (wait, you were going to say the pawns, weren’t you-I see where you’re going with this) the pieces? You murmur, “still think our volunteers are sweet,” as you dream you’re capturing the king with your mighty diverse volunteers.

Maybe some volunteers are the knights and others are the bishops and the office volunteers are the rooks. Do you ever lie awake at night and plot your next move? I’m guessing probably not, but let’s ask this question. Should strategy play a part in managing a volunteer initiative?

Well, only if you have a vision for your volunteers. And I’ll bet you do.

We all say things like, “I wish people understood how important volunteers are,” or “I want staff to recognize volunteers on a par with donors,” or “I wish…

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Do Volunteer Managers Implement or Manage Volunteer Programs?

Another post and one that is sure to get us volunteer managers’ creative juices flowing 🙂


Do Volunteer Managers Manage or Implement Volunteer Programs

“I am a volunteer program manager,” I’ve said countless times to confused faces at networking events.

“Oh, that’s nice,” The person who just asked me what I do for a living would mutter and then turn to find someone who has a job that is understandable and doesn’t take a lot of martini sipping time to comprehend.

What does the job title “volunteer manager” mean, anyway? What do I manage? Is it people as in, you know, get people to do things? Or is it work, like filling the tasks that need to be done? What exactly am I in charge of?

There is a huge difference between managing a program and implementing a program. This is just semantics, I know, but in semantics we find perception, so please, just stick with me a moment, ok?

Most volunteer managers implement their volunteer programs. The word implement means “carry out” which…

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