A grand day out #chipintuesday #takethechallenge

Are you are heritage buff? Love your musicals or play in a band?

17-8-8Help support local not-for-profit heritage, music, dance or theatre groups by helping to organise events, sell tickets and help out at the events themselves.  These funds are what keep arts, culture and heritage alive for future generations.

We have local groups looking for volunteers such as:

  • Side by Side Theatre company
  • Dudley Canal Trust
  • National Trust

That’s the ticket!

Handbags and gladrags #chipintuesday #takethechallenge

A carrier bag? What on earth has that to do with volunteering?

17-8-1It’s simple really, why not do some shopping for a friend or neighbour who can’t get out to do it themselves.  A number of local charities recruit volunteers to befriend isolated older people and perhaps do their shopping for them. If you are shopping for yourself, it’s not much effort to pick up a few extra items for someone who can’t go out to buy it themselves.

Charity Shops – recycling saves lives

These shops raise essential funds to provide support to people who are often in crisis or need specialised support. Why not gather up some clean, undamaged, unwanted items and give them to a local charity shop?  That way you are doing the ultimate in recycling, helping someone else be giving away things you no longer need!

Donate food to a foodbank or homeless charity

Foodbanks and charities like them are often the last hope for people who are struggling, often through no fault of their own. Why not download a wishlist from your local foodbank and encourage friends, family or work colleagues to help too!

There are LOCAL collection points, who support people in their local area. Please contact your most convenient one to arrange to drop off your donations:

Please remember

These are charities run by volunteers, who give their time to help local communities around already busy lives and there are no paid staff, so they may take a couple of days to contact you. Leave a message and they will get back to you!