Sheila feels like we have sailed a path through these stormy waters together and we will keep going until we are able to step out onto a safer shore. Nominate your #CovidHero today

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Sheila Jones

When we went into lockdown I applied to the NHS volunteer responders appeal.  I know that they were inundated so response time was slow.  In the meantime, my husband who also works for Dudley MBC received an email through work asking for volunteers for Dudley CVS to help the local community so I put my name forward as well.  I was soon contacted by Eileen and my story begins.

In normal life I work for Summerhill Pathways at Summerhill School in Kingswinford.  Along with working in the office I am also teach swimming and lifesaving.

I was quickly matched up with three people who needed help with their shopping.  When I first rang to introduce myself, I was a little nervous but we soon started to get to know each other.  We have now got into a lovely little weekly routine starting with a chat for the shopping lists and a chance to find out a little bit more about each other.  My Mum is vulnerable and lives in Shrewsbury so when we went into lockdown I knew that my sister would take care of her but I felt a bit useless. So, I started this process to help where I could.  What I didn’t expect was to find three different, lovely people who are so grateful of my help but, in turn, have also helped me through these strange and unprecedented times by giving me a sense of purpose.  I feel like we have sailed a path through these stormy waters together and we will keep going until we are able to step out onto a safer shore having battled this storm in the best way we can, with care and kindness for each other.

We will never forget one another and I hope one day, when all this is over, we may be able to sit down and have a proper conversation over a nice cup of tea.


This Covid Hero was nicknamed ‘Thunderbird 1’ Nominate your #CovidHero today!

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Phil Alliband
Thunderbirds are go!

Thunderbird 1

Who are you?
I have lived in Wordsley for 28 years and ran a Computer Services Business locally until 2013. After selling my business I have continued to work on a self-employed basis mainly part time allowing me to have a good work/life balance.

How did you get involved?
I have volunteered for Operation Santa with my wife Sarah and when I heard Dudley CVS needed help during this current crisis I offered my help.

How did you make a difference?
I was allocated an area and my role is mainly collecting and delivering prescriptions for vulnerable residents living in my local area.

Thunderbird 2

have also been asked to help with some shopping and I shop for one lovely old couple every Thursday Morning.

I have earned the role of ‘go to source’ for any emergency requests as I am always willing and happy to drop everything and get the job done, and now have the nickname Thunderbird 1!

How did it make you feel?
I have enjoyed meeting people living in my local area and also establishing a good relationship with local pharmacies. To have a sense of purpose during these difficult times has had a very positive effect on me.

Jayne Emery who is the network lead for the Wall Heath, Kingswinford, Wordsley & Amblecote locality network said:

I have been extremely lucky to have an army of dedicated volunteers who have supported with numerous shopping trips and medicine collections for vulnerable and shielded members of the community since lockdown.

Phil is one of these enthusiastic and committed volunteers. Nothing is too much trouble for Phil, and over the last 10 weeks, he has supported a number of people with their weekly shopping trips along with undertaking on average two medicine collection runs per week.

Tomorrow you will meet Sam and Sharon 🙂