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We officially open our #dva18 nominations in Volunteers Week, the annual national celebration of all things volunteering.  However, if you want to sneak in early and nominate now that would be fabulous!  Please visit the site for lots of inspiration, sample nomination forms from last year and the all-important nomination form.

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Thanks to the amazing @BearGrylls for sharing the joys of volunteering

This week I was merrily trawling through my Twitter feed and I came across a link to a great article written by Bear Grylls which was featured in GQ Magazine.  I have to confess that this was perhaps an unlikely place to find an article advocating what’s so brilliant about volunteering. I apologise if I’m doing GQ a disservice here so please do not feel affronted, but what an absolute joy to read about someone who is so passionate about volunteering and who actually walks the walk, volunteering their time to support and raise the profile of the esteemed movement the Scout Association: describing it so accurately as “the greatest youth movement in history”.

Bear goes on to say:

“I have never met a volunteer who resents giving up their time to help and inspire others. In fact, the opposite is generally true. They’ve learned something that is often forgotten: that volunteering works both ways. For sure, the recipients benefit in the obvious ways, but the truth is that the volunteer gains the most.”

I could eulogise about this forever, so I simply recommend that you read this fabulous article and see the pride and passion for volunteering that Bear holds dear. Thanks so much for sharing this with us 🙂