Volunteer opportunities with West Midlands Fire Service

Fire Cadet Instructor
As a Volunteer Fire Cadet Instructor you will support young people, aged 11 to 18, in their Fire Cadet activities at fire stations or in the community.

Activities include exercises on the drill yard, fundraising and social events. The scheme aims to provide an opportunity for young people to develop skills, knowledge, leadership and team qualities, and to become confident, active citizens. As a Volunteer Fire Cadet Instructor you will be part of an instructor team supported by a Lead Instructor.

Volunteer Fire Cadet Instructors need to be 18. There’s a recommended commitment of weekly evening meetings (approx. 3 hours) held at selected fire stations, with the possibility of weekend activities including residential stays and fire station open days.

As a Volunteer Photographer you will help to promote our activities to our communities. You’ll take photos at community events, exercises, fire station open days, award ceremonies, exhibitions and fundraising events, as well as at incidents attended by our firefighters. Your images will be used for staff communication and publicity purposes, and on our website and social media channels.

Volunteer Photographers must be over 18. You’ll need to let us know your availability a month in advance and be part of a roster covering a mixture of days, nights and weekends where possible.

Prevention Advocate Volunteer
As a Prevention Advocate Volunteer, you will be supporting West Midlands Fire Service to deliver a variety of prevention-based activities in the community.

Your main role will be to help educate the community on key safety messages linked to fire, road, water, home and personal safety through a variety of activities; including the delivery of safety programmes to specific target groups.

This may be through acting as a “Safety Advisor” to deliver key safety messages to children and young people visiting our educational, life-sized safety village at Safeside in Birmingham. Or you may be delivering key safety messages within the community on the “Welcome to the West Midlands” programme which is aimed at new arrivals and people for whom English is a second language.

You can also assist fire stations to promote safety messages, volunteering opportunities and WMFS services through open days, community events and local fire safety initiatives.

Prevention Advocate Volunteers need to be 18 or over, the “Safety Advisor” activity is open to young people over 16

Location: Various throughout the West Midlands / “Safety Advisor” activity based at Safeside

Minimum of 10 hours per month; weekdays and weekends. (“Safety Advisor” activity available during school hours on Tuesdays to Thursdays)


Sally Hitchman
Email: volunteer@wmfs.net

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volunteer policyWhat is a Volunteer Policy

A Volunteer Policy is the foundation on which your organisation’s involvement with volunteers should be based.  It forms the basis of your entire volunteer programme, giving cohesion and consistency to all elements in your organisation that affect volunteers (i.e. recruitment, expenses, health & safety etc.)  Volunteer Policies are the key to involving a diverse group of volunteers, because they help to define the role of volunteers within the organisation, and how they can expect to be treated.

Why do we need one?

A Volunteer Policy demonstrates an organisation’s commitment both to its volunteer programme and to its individual volunteers.  By having a policy in place, you are showing that care and thought has gone into the volunteer programme.

Volunteer Policies help to ensure fairness and consistency.  Dealing with volunteers, means dealing with a diverse range of people, being able to refer to a written policy ensures that decisions are not made on an ad-hoc basis, and that all volunteers are treated equally and fairly.

A policy enables volunteers to know where they stand.  It offers them some security, in that they know how they can expect to be treated, and where they can turn if they feel that things are going wrong.

Volunteer Policies also help to ensure that paid staff, senior management and trustees fully understand why volunteers are involved and what role they have within the organisation.

Drawing up a Volunteer Policy is the ideal starting point when considering how to involve volunteers.  Once the Policy is written it should be reviewed annually in consultation with volunteers, staff and trustees, perhaps a representative steering committee.

for more info, please look at our: guidelines-on-managing-volunteers