OPP OF THE DAY: Workshop Assistant, bread2share

We would love to hear from you if you can you spare a few hours a week or even once a month to support our work in the community exploring the creative and community needs of our bakers.

We travel to the workshops in special schools and community centres where we work with all ages and abilities, the workshops are busy and the more hands we have the better!!

Each baker will then enjoy the support they need to have a fulfilling, creative and confidence building experience. We will give you training and support you in the needs of our diverse group of clients from Physically and learning disabled children, Dementia sufferers through to refugee and asylum families.

An interest in creative practice would be good. Also an interest in food would be great but both are not essential. An interest in supporting and enabling people is essential.

An ability to take the initiative and work in a team. Happy to muck in attitude! There is always a lot of washing up!

We work with severely disabled people, those with mental health issues for example, so an open mind and flexible approach to problem solving is always good.

We would encourage people to empower people to take part through an empathic approach.

People will need DBS checks. Also, it will probably be a requirement to have food hygiene certificates and health & safety (to confirm).

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY, please contact:

Sarah Goudie
Email: info@bread2share.com

What are the essentials when managing volunteers? @DudleyCVS #wiseupwednesdays

When you manage volunteers you need a wide range of skills and knowledge, but if you’re new to volunteering, or never done any volunteer management training, we can help you get those skills!

Whatever your needs, our special full day session on volunteer management techniques and tools is bound to help!

essentials of vol mgtYou will take a journey through every element of good practice for a volunteer programme, right from preparing necessary policies before involving volunteers, through planning volunteer involvement, recruiting, supporting, retaining, to volunteers leaving. Every learner will be provided with a resource CD of information sheets, publications and sample documents to take away and of course, the Volunteer Centre will be happy to support learners as they develop their systems, offering ongoing support and information.

Together we will look at:

  • your roles and responsibilities when involving volunteers
  • volunteer policies
  • role and task descriptions
  • volunteer handbooks
  • volunteer induction
  • volunteer agreements
  • things to consider before you involve volunteers
  • where to look for volunteers
  • how to prepare for your first contact with a volunteer
  • why volunteers need support
  • the benefits of good support for both the volunteer and the organisation
  • reprimanding volunteers
  • the consequences of poor support and supervision
  • how to hang onto volunteers once you’ve got them
  • identifying why volunteers may leave and the signs to look for
  • exit interviews
  • dealing with a volunteer leaving for negative reasons
  • systems to have in place when a volunteer leaves the organisation
  • case studies to help you see the implications of poor volunteer management


Please contact the Volunteer Centre to check the next dates, or look in the menu to your right for links to Eventbrite to book

OPP OF THE DAY: Instructor, Dudley Sea Cadets

Passionate about working with young people?
Love the great outdoors?
Join our local team!

As the UK’s largest maritime youth charity we work across the country in 400 towns with 14000 Sea Cadets aged between 10 and 18.
Cadets learn vital life skills like leadership and team working via nautical adventure activities, which help boost confidence and give young people a head start in life.
You will meet new people, make new friends and get involved in your local community.
As part of a team you will gain a sense of personal achievement, a great experience, skills and/or a qualification.
Working with young people is rewarding. Help shape the future by supporting them.
Why not join your local Sea Cadets as an Instructor?
Teach young people valuable life skills.
Receive training to lead Cadets in activities such as power boating, sailing, First Aid and meteorology.
Give young people a head start in life.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY, please contact:

James Sanders
Email: dwsouthwest@ms-sc.org

Volunteer Coordinator Needed: Read the Fine Print


Volunteer Coordinator Needed read the fine print

Have you ever looked at recruitment ads for volunteer coordinators? What do our organizations think we do and what skills are they looking for? Here is a sampling of the ones I have seen lately.

The Volunteer and Program Coordinator will oversee all volunteer coordination and client training activities. Duties include on boarding, training and coordinating all volunteers and providing backup support in case of volunteer absences.

Must have own cell phone, laptop computer and reliable transportation

Ability to work long hours, weekends, and holidays (with time off during the week)

Must live locally and be available immediately.

COMPENSATION: $28,000 – $34,000

That makes me wonder, who exactly is filling in for the absent volunteer? And here is another pull from a recent ad:

Event Planning & Management – Food Drives, Events, Food related Events

Volunteer Recruitment, training & Management

Public Speaking Engagements

Warehouse Experience

Strong Personal Skills


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OPP OF THE DAY: a volunteering role with a twist – could you play the role of an evacuee! @DudleyNews1 @Dudley_Chron

Dudley MBC are running a rest centre exercise at the Crystal Leisure Centre on 28th September from 1.30pm to approximately 3.30pm and they need some volunteers who may like to come along and act as evacuees.  The idea is for rest centre staff to practice in a safe environment their procedures for looking after evacuees in the event that they may need to open up a rest centre in an emergency.

Full instructions would be given to the ‘evacuees’ on what is required of them (they would be given cards with instructions on as to how we require them to act) – it is all very informal it is just to help our staff practice.  Tea/coffee and biscuits will be provided.


Helen Lowe

Health Protection Officer, Contingency & Disaster Management

Dudley MBC, People Directorate, Health & Wellbeing

01384 811552 or Helen.Lowe@dudley.gov.uk