Dudley Summer Activity Programme

Dudley (CYPF) Network

Members of the Dudley Children, Young People and Families Alliance Board agreed that it would be helpful if we all joined forces to plan a series of Summer Activities during the 6 weeks holiday in a bid to keep children safe, free from harm and reduce numbers of children affected by food poverty during this time.  We are meeting  Tuesday 28th March ( next Tuesday!) to plan a programme of summer activities and the ME Festival. The session will run from 1.30 – 3.30 at DY1, Stafford Street, Dudley, DY1 3RT  so if you are passionate about planning and delivering a range of summer activities and supporting children and young people, or  if you have  health, safety and other awareness messages for children you need to deliver or even if you are just up for having some summer fun then please join us next Tuesday. A Warm welcome…

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Induction vs. Orientation: The one year volunteer committment


Induction vs. Orientation

Two volunteer managers, Jessup and Chloe were both excited when the brought in new volunteers.

Jessup, who manages volunteers for a start-up, said, “I was asked to find volunteers to help with our kick off campaign. I brought in a trio of talented volunteers and one of our marketers patiently showed them what needed to be done. The volunteers did exceptionally well, but they didn’t stay with us very long. I had to recruit again and again.”

Chloe, meanwhile, who manages volunteers at a different start-up said, “I recruited a few volunteers to help with our kick-off. I was a bit worried because the volunteers were from varied backgrounds and had really different talents. But, you know, although it took them a bit to get going, all the staff here helped out. Those volunteers are still with us today.”

Volunteer retention is a nuanced and complicated concept. Some parts of it can be…

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Why celebrate Volunteers Week? #wiseupwednesdays #volunteersweek @NCVOvolunteers

volunteers-week-web-logoVolunteers Week – 1st to 7th June is an annual celebration of volunteers and volunteering. It’s a great opportunity to do something special for your volunteers to say THANK YOU and take the opportunity to maybe recruit some new volunteers too! So let’s get you thinking about

how you will say thanks, celebrating and recognising your volunteers’ contribution.

I think this quote from NCVO’s Quick Guide to Thanking Volunteers will hopefully get you thinking … Saying thank you isn’t just for Volunteers Week, it should be an integral part of your volunteer programme …

“On the surface, saying thanks is easy – we all do it every day without thought. But saying thanks in an organisational context can be a very different prospect. Firstly, it can be easy just to forget. If, like many charities, your trustees and leadership team have an ambitious vision, then the pressure is on to always look forward, at the expense of reflection. Or your charity may be characterised by a rigid hierarchy that doesn’t always encourage positive feedback to be filtered down.

Because volunteers don’t get paid, you might think that we should naturally be more inclined to thank them. But it might be just as easy to take their generosity for granted, especially if they have been with you for some time. Perhaps worst of all, though, is the ill-judged thank you – too fleeting, insincere, or undeserved. At best it may fall flat; at worst it can anger and linger.

 So how, how often, and to whom you demonstrate gratitude should be as integral to your volunteer management strategy as their recruitment, training and retention. “

Why not get thinking about how you are going to CELEBRATE your Volunteers


Clickety click it’s sixty six – BINGO #chipintuesday #takethechallenge

Bingo is actually a lot more than just a game and can be enjoyed by all ages, and abilities!

17-3-21What about putting on a bingo session to help raise funds for a local cause, or to provide a social event for older people?  It can also be a fun way to help someone improve their numeracy, or help children learn their numbers.

So let’s play Bingo!

Coseley Comets are performing, why not join the group or volunteer to support?

The Coseley Comets
Bringing Music To ‘The Way’ And Wilkinson Primary School

The Coseley Comets are pleased to announce that we are performing tomorrow evening at one of the largest youth centres in our area, The Way in Wolverhampton. This is in conjunction with The Way.

Tomorrow, the band will be performing for the youngsters and we shall be showcasing our talents. We shall perform at approximately 7pm On the 28th, we shall be returning to The Way and holding a workshop for all interested young people and give them a chance to have a go on a range of instruments that we have.

On the same day we shall be present at the parents’ afternoon at Wilkinson Primary School where we shall be having a stall and an information point for any interested parents and children. We shall also be at the school on the Wednesday afternoon.

Secretary Steve Poole said ‘ This is an exciting time for the band as we are now in the process of learning our 2017 production ‘From Here To Eternity’ and it is the perfect time for anyone who would love to perform in their local community and beyond to join our progressive team. For all those at The Way or at Wilkinson we would love you to pop and say hello and we can tell you more about the group and what we do to help youngsters and the community

Anyone above the age of 6 are actively encouraged to attend practice. Instruments are provided and for the princely sum of £2.50 per week can begin to learn an instrument of their choice within our range. We also have a dancing section where our youngsters dance with apparatus. What’s more the first lesson is FREE OF CHARGE. Parents are encouraged to stay for the duration of the practice or even have a go (you may like it !!)

Practice take place on Tuesday evenings from 7pm till 8pm at Upper Ettingshall Methodist Church, Upper Ettingshall Road, Coseley. If Tuesdays are inconvenient the main band practice on Thursday evenings from 7pm at The Coseley School, Henne Drive, Coseley. NO KNOWLEDGE IS NECESSARY AS WE TEACH FROM SCRATCH. All you need to have is a willingness to learn, and to have fun

All instructors are DBS checked and band staff is on hand to answer any questions that you have. The organisation is run entirely by experienced volunteers who have been involved in performing arts for many years

If you would like to know more about the organisation we have our own website. The address is www.thecometsymb.co.uk. We have a facebook page which is found by typing ‘The Comets performance Ensemble’. We are also on Vimeo and Twitter, and have our own You Tube channel The organisation has its roots in The Boys and Girls Brigade. Alternatively just turn up at one of our practice evenings and see for yourself the great work that we do

We would also like to hear from you if you wish to volunteer, teach or become a member of our backroom team. Our e mail address is cometspe@yahoo.co.uk

Reflections from DoFest Dudley

Dudley CVS blog

DoFestLast Monday-Wednesday I took part in DoFest Dudley, an inspiring festival of doing and creating.

The festival was packed with activities to get people thinking about the skills, resources and passions that they can share to bring vibrancy and real wealth to their communities; from learning labs, lightning talks, bartering skills and knowledge to making things together. It was infectious! In fact, I’d only booked for Monday’s activities and ended up joining in for parts of Tuesday and Wednesday, such was the contagion!

I saw lots of smiling and sharing, people supporting each other and having a go. A bunch of us put together a wiki wendy house, a fun, exhilarating (and noisy!) activity that demonstrated how open source design can help provide solutions to housing (visit DemoDev for more). We quickly organised ourselves and shared hammering duties to create a cosy little space in Gather Dudley.

It was lovely…

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‘Let’s Talk Good Finance’ in Dudley – 28 March 9.30-12.00 @ DY1 @DudleyCVS @JodyPritchard @Donna_M_Roberts @DudleyMBC @WeAreBCR

‘Let’s Talk Good Finance’ in Dudley – 28 March 9.30-12.00 @ DY1 – What is social finance? Looking for social finance? All your questions answered. Places limited so sign up today for this free event. Network with investors and peers who have been there, seen it and done it!

Would like to know more about social investment? Looking for social investment but don’t know where to start? Come along to meet national, regional and local experts and investors who can answer any questions in an informal setting. No power points just good old conversation! Social investment is often seen as a London-centric activity. It can be harder for charities and social enterprises outside of the capital to access social investors and gain a better understanding of the financial products available. That’s why we are coming to Dudley! We’re partnering with Big Society Capital to host a LET’S TALK GOOD FINANCE event in Dudley. We also have the Key Fund, Aston Reinvestment Trust and Sandra Green from Co-wheels Car Club who has recently secured social finance. This free event will provide charities and social enterprises with a local safe space to know more about social investment and better navigate the market. To book your place and find out more, click here.

Stuart Emmerson
Regional Director, Social Enterprise West Midlands CIC

M: 07568 078 059

@_SEWM // @stuartemmerson