OPP OF THE DAY: Chatterbox Telephone Befriender, Omega, the National Association for End of Life Care

Chatterbox Befrienders offer one-to-one telephone support and will call a client once a week offering companionship and a listening ear for an individual who might otherwise go unheard. Chatterbox volunteers are matched with a client and befriend a variety of people including carers, socially isolated individuals who are struggling with loneliness, people with ill health and those that have been bereaved.


One hour per week.


Home based.

1 hour a week, for six months.

Would like to make a real difference in someone’s life
Want to challenge loneliness and can commit to a weekly phone call
Good listener
Empathetic, reliable, patient and of a caring nature
Good verbal and inter-personal communication skills
Recognise the importance of confidentiality and can uphold this in practice
Committed to inclusion and treating people with dignity and respect

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Jade Edwards
Email: volunteersupport@omega.uk.net