OPP OF THE DAY: Volunteer mentors (Oakwood and Brinsford project) – Trailblazers Mentoring

To support young people (mentees) inside prison and, after their release into the community to enable them to live responsibly and purposefully without re-offending.

Agreed responsibilities:

· Meet with a mentee on a weekly basis whilst they are in prison.

· Provide support after the mentee’s release and maintain regular contact, where possible, meet with the mentee. Contact can also be maintained by phone, text and email.

· Deliver Trailblazers’ structured mentoring programme by using the Tool Sets during mentoring sessions.

· Provide the mentee with practical support and encouragement.

· Ensure that the mentoring boundaries are adhered to at all times.

· Supported by the Project Manager, ensure the mentee is aware of the additional support services available to them and how best to utilise them.

· Supported by the Project Manager, undertake research into facilities and opportunities for the mentee, which may include housing, education and employment.

· Communicate with other agencies such as Probation and Youth Offending Team as and when required.

· Making prison staff and Trailblazers aware of any occasion where harm to others or harm to the mentee is either taking place, planned or suspected.

· Completing and submit recording sheets after each mentoring session.

· Keep accurate records of any expenses incurred.

· Attend and participate in mentoring training sessions.

· Follow all Trailblazers policies and procedures in the delivery of the role.

· Abide by all prison rules and regulations.

· To remain accountable to the Project Manager returning visit reports, attending support meetings and being willing to receive supervision as required

Recommended Skills
(E) Essential, (D) Desired
Some knowledge or understanding of youth offending (D).
To be willing to gain knowledge and experience of the youth justice system and needs of young offenders (E).
A willingness to undergo training and commit for a period of at least twelve months (E).
Lived experience of the Criminal Justice System (D)
A care leaver, or knowledge of the care system (D)
An ability to communicate effectively with young people (E).
To communicate with a variety of professionals to broker and support the best outcome for your mentee (E).
To be committed to empowering young people (E).
To support and encourage the young offender to participate fully in the mentoring programme (E).
To maintain an attitude of tolerance and acceptance to young people whose values and behaviour may be different to your own (E).
To receive support and guidance as required, remaining accountable to project staff (E).

Closing date will IS 30th November and induction training will take place mid-January – dates to be confirmed

For more info or to apply, please see poster below: