OPP OF THE DAY: Christmas Lunch Project – Drivers

The Christmas Lunch Project provides a full meal for families who would otherwise struggle to have a traditional Christmas Lunch. We are aiming to help more families this year and serve a total of 1000 families.

We are looking for drivers on our main delivery day on 23rd December. On this day volunteers will be given a list of addresses and will deliver hampers to peoples homes. This can be done between 1pm and 5pm.

We also have a need for drivers who can drive vans to collect food from a storage facility and also to distribute hampers to hub sites. You don’t need to have a van to offer to do this because we will be hiring vans.

We also have a need for drivers to collect our cardboard and plastic waste to take it to their local refuse site.

In summary duties are as follows:

19th December: Van drivers to collect food from Storage to take it to the main hub site and to help set up the area for packing on 20th December. 21st and 22nd December- Collecting cardboard and plastic and taking it to the local refuse site.
22nd December: 2pm to 5pm and 23rd December 10am to 2pm: Distributing hampers to hub sites.
23rd December 1pm to 5pm – Delivery of hampers to homes
24th December – delivery of lost or missed hampers

Half a day up to 4 days

Full Driving Licence
Own vehicle with relevant insurance (unless volunteering for van driver)
Able to deal with confidential information

We offer an evenings training on good practice and what can be expected.

Please note – No expenses with be refunded

For more information or to apply: