Business in the Community BOOST Program – Unemployed support

As a result of the pandemic and the impact on unemployment, Business in the Community aims to support jobseekers by providing you with a business volunteer coach who can help you with:

● Essential and digital skills – improving your abilities in key areas

● Improved chances of getting a job – by increasing knowledge of the job market and building core employability skills.

● Enhanced wellbeing and resilience – helping you stay positive and connected to the world of work.

This programme is aimed at those who are ready for work and would benefit from the support of a 1:1 volunteer coach.

● Have they been made unemployed because of Covid-19 or were unemployed before Covid- 19?

● Have they struggled to find a job?

● Would they like to get help with their skills?

● Do they have access to a working mobile phone and accessible email address?

● Do they speak good English?

How will it work?

Once signed up, your clients  will be matched and will receive support from a business volunteer coach for six sessions to build your skills and improve your chances of progressing into employment.

Sessions will be delivered virtually via phone or online.

In addition to the six sessions, coaches can link you to further resources, information, and other opportunities to help you build your skills and improve your chances.

By taking part in our coaching programme, they will:

● Receive support from a business volunteer coach on developing your essential and digital skills.

● Build confidence in themselves, their abilities, and their job prospects.

● Meet people from the business community and have the chance to increase their job network.

● Receive tailored support for their employment journey.

● Build awareness of the current recruitment practices and any growing industries.

● Be inspired and motivated by getting support from another person, all with a business lens.


If you think this would be suitable for some of your clients please contact  –  to discuss further