Opp of the day: Towpath Volunteer, Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust

Overview of the role

The towpath team provide vital support to our skippers alongside maintenance and upkeep work as we run our boat trips into the limestone mines and caverns under Dudley. As a towpath volunteer you will assist the skippers in making sure all the passengers are boarded onto the boats safely. This includes checking tickets, giving out hard hats, tying up boats and casting off.

You will also be cleaning the hard hats, emptying bins on the towpath, pulling up weeds from the canal banks and pathways or helping in the shop with visitor welcome. 

Expectations of the role

The Towpath Volunteer will:

  • Assist visitors on and off the boats
  • Ensure all passengers have hard hats
  • Check tickets, ensuring passengers are boarding the boats at the correct times
  • Help with general maintenance takes across site
  • Help set up and pack down the boats
  • Keep the towpath clean and tidy and clean hard hats

Useful knowledge and Skills

  • Good customer service skills
  • General maintenance / DIY skills

Volunteer Responsibilities

We expect all our volunteers to:

  • aim for high standards of efficiency, reliability and quality in your volunteering
  • comply with all Health and Safety procedures and instructions
  • work in partnership with other volunteers, staff and the general public
  • support, respect and adhere to our organisational policies, guidelines and management decisions – including all aspects of equal opportunities, health and safety, data protection and use of our brand
  • always consider and protect Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust’s good reputation in your actions and conduct
  • act responsibly and within the law
  • let the Volunteer Co-ordinator know if you have any problems so that we can find a solution together

Time commitment

Usually at least one day a week as agreed with the volunteer co-ordinator

Typically – 10am – 4pm or 10am – 2pm or  1pm – 4pm

At busy time (such as holidays and events) we may ask if you are available to help out in addition to your usual day.


Day to day supervision:                 Becky Wright (operations manager)


Mark Redfern (deputy operations manager

Overall Supervision:                       Becci Cooper-Sayer (volunteer co-ordinator)


Becci Cooper-Sayer: rebecca@dctt.org.uk