Recruitment rules @DudleyCVS #wiseupwednesdays #volmgttoolkit

recruitTransparency is important for any successful volunteer management programme and recruitment is a key element of this.  It’s important that recruitment systems are structured and information is clearly available, in a range of formats to suit a diverse range of volunteers. If you are for example, looking to recruit volunteers with language skills, it may be helpful to have your recruitment information available in that language, in addition to English.

The selection process needs to be considered, along with how you will deal with volunteers who may not be suitable.

Are you screening processes fair and reasonable?

These are all things to consider and this section of the Volunteer Management Toolkit takes you through every stage of recruitment, from your procedures, to the selection and screening process. There are useful information sheets on recruiting volunteers, hints/tips on things to consider before marketing your opportunities and also information on selection and screening of volunteers.

For more information about the Volunteer Management Toolkit, please visit or contact Eileen at the Volunteer Centre on

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