Are your Board on board when involving volunteers? @DudleyCVS #wiseupwednesdays #volmgttoolkit

The first section of the Volunteer Management Toolkit evaluates the strategic level of volunteer involvement within your organisation, which is your Board or Management Committee.  It’s a simple self-audit tool broken down into smaller sections, so you can check what good practice measures you have in place and ensure you incorporate any that are missing.

This section of the Volunteer Management Toolkit covers your organisation at Board level, operational considerations and evaluating volunteer involvement.

There’s advice on when not to involve volunteers, volunteers and the law, and what should be included in your Volunteer Policy.

Here are some sample questions from this section:

  • Does your organisation have a Volunteer Policy?
  • Does the planning process including volunteer involvement?
  • Are there clear guidelines for the relationship between paid staff and volunteers?
  • Does the board ensure that people at all levels of the organisation have been informed of, and can articulate the organisation’s reasons for involving volunteers?

There are useful information sheets and sample documents/guidance on the Resource CD.

For more information about the Volunteer Management Toolkit, please click here, or contact Eileen at the Volunteer Centre on

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