Seven Deadly Sins [6] Ingratitude @DudleyCVS @NCVOVolunteers #wiseupwednesdays

sds -6Our sixth sin INGRATITUDE is quite simply something that can make or break your relationship with your volunteers and affect your retention rates too.  There’s no secret to keeping volunteers, organisations who celebrate and value their volunteers are those who hang onto them!

I recently published a blog post entitled ‘a volunteer is for life and not just Volunteers Week’ so I’m not going to repeat myself and I hope you’ll find the previous post a useful read too.

Have you heard the saying?

The most precious thing you can give is your time

This is what volunteers are giving to your group or organisation, so saying ‘thank you’ for the time and commitment they give is important.  Why not thank them every time they come in as they are leaving.  It’s not much effort and the benefits are huge. As I’ve said before some volunteers don’t like a fuss, but a ‘thank you’ is simple good manners for their contribution.

I thought I would share some hints/tips on showing gratitude to your volunteers, which have been shared by organisations who hang onto their volunteers very successfully. These are all things which will demonstrate to your fabulous volunteers just how much you value their support.

  • Recognition
  • Gratitude
  • Getting to know them
  • Building a relationship
  • Responsibility
  • Support
  • Let them know what difference they make
  • Keep informed
  • Birthday and Christmas cards
  • Volunteer party
  • Volunteer meals
  • Regular volunteer meetings
  • Keep your promises
  • Managing expectations
  • Honesty
  • Promote what they do
  • Respect
  • Nominate for Volunteer Awards
  • Social events/activities

I need help!

The Volunteer Centre can help you with any area of good practice when involving volunteers, so please get in touch or 01384 573381 and ask for Eileen


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