Free Online Courses from Dudley Adult and Community Learning

The team from DMBC Adult Education have asked us to share their latest courses bulletin. Please use the contact details below for more information, rather than ourselves.  There is a huge range so I’m sure there will be something for everyone.

All of our Adult Learning centres were all ready to begin delivering our Winter term provision from this month, however you will not be surprised to learn that has not been possible…..however we do still have a comprehensive offer of online learning to support with health and wellbeing, digital skills, art, safeguarding, digital photography, deaf awareness, English and Maths.

In addition to our learning provision we have a dedicated team of qualified professionals who are able to offer one to one impartial advice for education, training, qualifications and careers.

The attached course information is only brief and further details can be obtained from the centres direct as follows:

BRIERLEY HILL email Kim.Thompson-Jones@dudley or call 01384 816440

CASTLE & PRIORY email or call 01384 812337

DUDLEY WOOD email or or call 01384 816496


New Year Affirmations (6 hours)

Do you want to get 2021 off to a more positive start? This course will teach you the power of positive thinking in a creative way, you will follow video tutorials to create a 2021 artwork, make a vison board and learn about affirmations.

The course comprises of producing a piece of 2021 artwork, a vision board using collage and affirmations which can be handwritten or turned into a creative piece. It is planned to take under 6 hrs. Only basic equipment is required, pens, colours, paper, old magazines and glue. There are some optional printable worksheets, but this is not necessary to complete the tasks.

A Taste of Wellbeing (15 hours)

Get yourself lost in our bite size health and wellbeing topics designed to inspire you to take action and improve your own health and wellbeing. Topics are: Resilience, Exercise, Mental Health Awareness, Mood and Art, Deaf Awareness and Wellbeing and Photography.

Creative Well Being Journal (20 hours)

The aim of this course is to follow the tutorials to create your own Creative Well Being Journal. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn reflective, creative Mindful techniques in order to bring more positivity into their lives which will support mental Well Being.This six hour course will teach you how to make and bind your own journal, using collage techniques to decorate the front cover. You will then be guided through ways to add daily reflections and use relaxing art techniques to fill in your journal.

An Introduction to Resilience (02 hours)

The more resilient someone is, the better they are at getting through tough times, and the better their chances at recovering from experiences of adversity and trauma. The aim of this short course is to help you to learn new techniques to build your resilience to overcome setbacks. We can learn from mistakes and understand how we can face challenges, take risks and develop our mental toughness. In the course you can do a series of reflective activities learn resilience strategies.

Emotional Wellbeing – Introductory Online Workshop

Did you know that your emotions are the driving force behind your motivation? Do you laze around telling yourself you really SHOULD be doing something? Have you noticed an increase in poor lifestyle habits like overeating, spending ages on line, always on the go and not stopping, or regularly feel low, helpless or tearful?

When these types of behaviour happen, it indicates something is off balance. Our behaviours directly link to our emotions. Our emotions are an important guidance system that can help us better self-manage our daily lives.

Learn how to recognise your emotions and take actions to empower yourself to feel better and be more motivated.

Please note this workshop is for educational purposes only and does not replace the care of your GP.

Creating Artwork using a Theme or Subject matter – Birds in Art

This short course will form part of a series of topic or theme-based modules exploring a range of subject matter, using images, clips and suggestions to develop artwork. The course will provide opportunities to experiment and try out techniques and to see the creative process as part of a larger forum exploring other art forms to inspire, connect and motivate creativity. The modules encourage self- directed learning but with the added support of the resources opening up discussion and creative thinking .In this course the theme of birds is used providing clips to explore bird painting, painting feathers and exploring songs and poetry that celebrate birds.

Creating and Developing a Sketchbook Journal

The introductory course aims to provide you with information about Sketchbook Journals, how to set one up and suggestions of how it can be used and developed over a period of time. Creating a Sketchbook Journal can be used concurrently with other arts and crafts courses you are involved in and can provide the structure in which to store, trial and develop your ideas for projects and themes.

The Spiral-Creating Artwork

Experiment and try out techniques based around a Spiral. Develop different processes using paint, ink, pastels etc.

Introduction to Digital Photography

Want to move away from Auto Mode? This short course will give you the skills and confidence to start using a variety of functions on your camera, you will also learn how to produce creative photographs.

Deaf Awareness

You will learn about the wide diversity present within the Deaf Community and develop the basics of the beautiful and expressive British Sign Language. You will also learn about the challenges deaf people face and gain the skills and confidence to engage and interact with those from the deaf or hearing-impaired community.

The learning will consider how technology advancements have improved the lives of Deaf people, the equipment they make use of as well as some legal rights Deaf people have.

Deaf Awareness Course which will take approximately 3 hours for you to complete and will introduce you to the British Deaf Community.

Digital Skills Introduction to MS Word

This beginner’s bite size course will guide you through creating, saving and printing word documents. Also included will be formatting text, manipulating images and altering page set ups.

Safer Online

This course is designed to enable the learner to recognise the risks associated with using the internet, social media and how to protect your identify on line. To complete the course, you will work your way through each of the guides and quizzes and complete the end of topic quizzes to recap your knowledge

Introduction to Safeguarding

A real bite size introduction to Safeguarding. Ideal for anyone who is considering working with people?  It discusses the basics of safeguarding and ACL Safeguarding policy. Can be completed in about an hour.

Safeguarding- follow on course

A more in-depth look at Safeguarding and how it fits into the world of work. Aimed at those who are considering working with people or to compliment a relevant qualification ie Teaching Assistant.

Introduction to becoming a Volunteer

Aimed at those who are considering volunteering this short course will provide an introduction to the role, skills and responsibilities of a volunteer.

Interview Techniques

The aim of the course is to help you understand how to beat the competition and get your dream job/course place from an interview. You will learn skills and techniques to help you to prepare for an interview and feel more confident in making a positive lasting impression.

The course is designed for anyone who is applying for jobs or courses. It is suitable for those who are at the early stages of their career, or those who are out of practice, and need to update their skills.

No prior knowledge or expertise is needed. The course is based on six hours of learning.

Maths and English

We are providing online tuition and support to those who are currently at Level 2 and need to gain a qualification. Enrolment is subject to completing an online assessment that indicates the required level of competence.