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Depending on the nature of your organisation, information, application forms etc can either be sent beforehand, or the interviewer can complete application/registration forms during the interview.   Some organisations may require that informal and formal interviews take place.  Other pre-selection ideas may include regular open days, videos, slide shows, presentations or tours of your premises.  Why not consider involving existing volunteers when new volunteers come along to your organisation?  Perhaps they could take part in any events and chat to prospective volunteers about their voluntary experience.

It is recommended as good practice, from a health & safety and lone working point of view, that there should always be two interviewers, rather than interviewing a potential volunteer alone.

Who will deal with enquiries? 

It is always best to ensure that any members of staff or volunteers who may be taking enquiries from potential volunteers, have adequate information about the voluntary roles available and note any relevant information down, to enable information to be sent on to the applicants.

Application Forms

Application forms should be simple, easy to read and understand.  Keep them as brief as possible, as lengthy forms can deter potential volunteers who do not feel comfortable with writing and may not have English as their first language.  If you are unsure about what to include in application forms, it may be helpful to contact another organisation or ask your local Volunteer Centre to source sample forms for you.

Before the Interview

  • Respond quickly to a volunteer’s request for an interview.
  • Send out information about the organisation.
  • Give the volunteer a reasonable amount of notice of the appointment, in case they have to arrange a lift or arrange time off work.
  • Be as flexible as possible about time, date, venue e.g. does the volunteer have a disability which may make it difficult for them to climb stairs, or needs wheelchair access.
  • Give clear directions to the interview venue; it may be helpful to include a map.

for more guidance, why not read our guidelines-on-managing-volunteers

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