OPP OF THE DAY: Trustee, The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and Black Country

Could you be one of our new trustees?
Up to six new Trustees will be elected at our Annual General Meeting in January 2021. We are looking for new Trustees, a Chair, a Treasurer and a Secretary with the passion and commitment to help us achieve our objectives.

Why become a Trustee?
You’ll join us at a key time as the Trust plans to broaden the range and diversity of communities and stakeholders involved in our activities.
We’ll be making decisions on implementing our strategies to give children access to nature and to promote our health and wellbeing work.
Through EcoRecord we will continue to record the flora and fauna of the area, the impact of climate change and development on biodiversity and at risk species.
We will be exploring innovative digital opportunities to connect people with nature.
We’ll be working with local and regional authorities on the creation of Nature Recovery Networks and continuing our landscape-scale conservation projects in key wildlife corridors such as canals, river valleys and woodlands.
At a time of financial challenge we will continue to strengthen the Trust’s financial resilience and find new sources of income.

If you think you might help us with these aims (or know someone who might)
please go to bbcwildlife.org.uk/jobs to find out more about the trustee roles
and how to apply.

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