Lovely Rose is going to be that friend! Help up celebrate your Covid Hero/es – here’s some inspiration #CovidHero2020

As you may know we recently launched our Covid Hero 2020 Awards and need your help to recognise and celebrate some amazing local individuals and groups, who have made a huge difference during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  To inspire you I will be sharing the wonderful volunteer stories we published during Volunteers Week to get your creative juices flowing.  I’m sure you must know and volunteer, paid member of staff or local group, who you feel are true Covid Heroes!  If you would like to nominate, please follow this link you have until 28th August 2020

Rose Cook Monk
Tells us why she is going to be that friend!

I had a telephone call this afternoon from the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham saying that someone was in there that had a message for me. I was naturally concerned because I wasn’t aware of anyone I knew being there. It turned out to be an elderly gentleman that I’ve been doing shopping for since the lockdown after being matched with him by Dudley CVS Volunteer Centre (who are doing a fabulous job in our community during this most difficult of times).

I had been given his name and number but no other information. I’ve been taking his shopping, which I pay for, I ring him to tell him I’m on my way and he puts the money in an envelope – I ask if he’s ok – he always says the same thing “I am now I’ve seen you bless you for looking after me”.

Yesterday he fell downstairs in his maisonette and was found by his neighbours. When the nurse asked if there was anyone they could call I was the only person he could think of. I have only known him 5 weeks, barely had any conversation, his weekly phone call with his shopping list is always quite short – always asks how I am and worries that I’m keeping safe.

So why after such a short time with such little contact was I his only ‘friend’ – what on earth did this poor Man do before the lockdown? Who helped him? Who did he talk to? I offered to visit but they aren’t accepting visitors -they couldn’t even tell me his surname because I’m not a relative. I felt so bad for him and so very sorry. After all this is over how am I supposed to walk away from him? There must be hundreds of people like him out there. Please if you live by an elderly person or even someone living on their own – keep yourself safe – socially distance yourself – but knock on their door – drop a note through their letterbox, check that they are okay. One face, one voice could make all the difference to their day.

My thoughts tonight are with a lonely old man who needs a friend ……… I’m going to be that friend!











Tomorrow you will get to meet Phil 🙂 


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