OPP OF THE DAY: Call Companion Coordinator, Reengage Dudley

About Us:
Re-engage (formerly Contact the Elderly) is a charity that’s positive about older age and committed to fighting loneliness so that people can have social lives and friendship however old they are.  We inspire and enable meaningful connections and shared experiences within communities across the UK for older people facing loneliness and social isolation.

Our staff and volunteers work together to create better communities and help to enrich the lives of our members by giving them something to look forward to. Older people who may have felt very alone, now feel valued as individuals, continue to form friendships, and have support. We make sure that people know they are important well into old age. Respectful, determined, warm, pioneering, and local: we are Re-engage and we are bringing generations together.

Become a Call Companion Coordinator
As a call companion coordinator, you will be the main point of contact for all of the call companions and older people in your group. Our call companion coordinators are a vital part of the Re-engage team, ensuring that their group of call companions have all the support and information they need to make regular friendship calls to older people.
This is a challenging and rewarding role which might be a bit busy to begin with but will take up less of your time once your group is fully up and running.

We are looking for call companion coordinators with the following skills and attributes:
• Excellent communication skills
• Good administrative skills and IT literacy
• An enthusiasm for speaking on the phone and making connections remotely
• A friendly, empathetic approach
• The ability to really listen to people
• Patience
• A good sense of humour
• A passion for improving the lives of lonely and isolated older people

Tasks include:
• Setting up the first call companion calls for your group by getting in touch with the call companions and older people
• Checking in with the older people in your group once they have had their first call companion call
• Keeping in regular contact with your team of call companions and sharing any updates from Re-engage that are relevant to them
• Completing monthly online reports for your group
• Responding to any issues and queries from the call companions and older people in your group
• This is a flexible, homebased voluntary role that can easily be fitted in around your own lifestyle and availability. Arranging the first call companion calls for your group is likely to take several hours of your time; once your group is up and running, however, you will only be volunteering for around two hours per month.
• This is a long-term voluntary role, so we are ideally looking for individuals who are able to commit to volunteering with us for at least 12 months.
• Please note that you must be at least 18 years old to volunteer as a call companion coordinator.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Amythyst Bonstow

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