Even this crisis cannot stop our regular volunteer! Katie Davies #youngpeopledoing #covidsuperstars @WeAreBCR

Katie is a student at Halesowen College and has been volunteering with Dudley CVS and partners including West Midlands Police for the past 5 years. She was nominated as Dudley CVS Young Volunteer of the year in 2019.  Katie has a huge heart and passion to help others young or old.  A quick call to Katie any time of day with a chance to get involved will always result in a big yes, what time and where?  Katie arrives every time with a big smile and huge amount of enthusiasm that is infectious.

During this crisis volunteers from Black Country Wellbeing Hub, Dudley CVS and DMBC Public Health Colleagues delivered a massive 6000 meals to children across the borough in just 8 days. We calculated that just Katie and driver covered 376 miles and she alone must have jumped out of the car and run up drives to grateful families and smiley children at least 250 times. No need for Joe Wicks that week!

Katie has received recognition from her college after the news story was covered in CYP Now publication received and read by schools, colleges and child care providers nationally.

However this is not the end of Katie’s kindness, she has shopped for a family of 5 who are socially isolating due to their dad being shielded. She was the master of the Tesco scan gun!

Finally Katie has regularly volunteered with West Midlands Police and in recognition for all of their hard work as key workers she and her Nan baked a rainbow cake before walking 6 miles there and back to deliver it to Borough Commander Sally Bourner in person.

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