Help us keep Brierley Hill Civic going!









Brierley Hill Civic has had to close during the Covid-19 outbreak and has launched a Crowdfunder campaign to help Dudley CVS to cover its continued running costs. If you can help in any way, please visit:

You may already know that Dudley CVS runs Brierley Hill Civic. Since we took on the management of the Civic in 2014, our team has worked incredibly hard to expand what Brierley Hill Civic has to offer, as well as making it look even more attractive a place to visit.

The Civic is becoming a popular venue and it brings people together on a regular basis for:

  • Charity use
  • Theatre
  • Gigs
  • Comedy
  • Sport
  • Dancing
  • Community engagement event

One of our plans this year was to work on further ways Brierley Hill Civic can be used as a real asset for bringing communities together in all sorts of ways and we look forward to working on that as soon as we are able.

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that Dudley CVS has a whole is now focussed on supporting not-for-profits, partners and individuals in the joint effort to support everyone affected by the pandemic and make sure no-one is forgotten.

Brierley Hill Civic is currently closed. As well as being a community venue, it was one source of income for Dudley CVS and the Civic still has ongoing running costs to cover. If you are able to support the Civic’s Crowdfunder campaign while we focus on supporting our communities through the Covid-19 outbreak, we would be incredibly grateful. The Civic is offering various rewards based on the level of support you are able to offer.

To donate, visit:

Thank you.

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