OPP OF THE DAY: Treasurer of the Board of Trustees, Dudley Mind

Main Responsibilities• To oversee and present Budgets, Accounts, Management Accounts and Financial Statements to the Board of Trustees after discussion with the Finance Officer
• To ensure that proper accounts and records are kept, ensuring financial resources are spent and invested in line with the Charity’s policies, good governance, legal and regulatory requirements
• To be instrumental in the development and implementation of financial, reserves and investment policies

Main Duties
• Liaising where applicable with the Finance Officer or other appropriate member of staff responsible for the financial activities of the organisation
• Chairing any Finance Committee in line with standing orders and terms of reference and reporting back to the Board of Trustees
• Liaising with the Charity’s Auditors or Independent Examiners where appropriate
• Monitoring and advising on the financial viability of the Charity
• Creating sound financial procedures for the control of the Charity assets
• Implementing and monitoring specific financial controls and systems are in place and adhered to
• Advising on the financial implications of the Charity’s strategic plan
• Liaising with others as applicable to ensure that the Charity’s annual accounts are compliant with current regulations and law
• Acting as a counter-signatory on cheques and electronic transactions and any applications for funds
• Maintaining sound financial management of the Charity’s resources, ensuring expenditure is in line with the Charity’s objects

Person Specification
• A person who is a qualified or part qualified Accountant or who has financial experience in a senior role
• A person who has interests in and fully supports the aims of the Charity

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Sandra Vaughan
Email: sandra.vaughan@dudleymind.org.uk

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