OPP OF THE DAY: Future Proof Parks Volunteers (Dartmouth Park) – Groundwork West Midlands

1. The friends of Dartmouth Park hold regular park maintenance which includes bush removal, replanting plants, bulb planting, and gathering leaves etc. Something different happens every week, depending on what the friends of park group need. – Tuesday and Friday 10-12.30 every week! This is an ongoing event so anyone interested at any point are more than welcome to attend.

2. Once a month on Saturday general park maintenance club

3. Colour fete – 17th April 2020
The council have asked for the friends group to create more events that target young people and encourages them to use the park in a more park friendly way. One of our volunteers have decided to put on an event called colour fete which will mimic the event of holi where music will be played, washable colour powder will be thrown etc. We have a strong group of 9 volunteers ready to do their bit for the event but we need more to manage the stalls, keep an eye on crowd control and support the attendees with requests they may have. Any support from other volunteers would be excellent.
This is due to take place on the 17th April 2020 so we would need to have volunteers by the end of March at the latest.


Zahra Khalil
Email: Zahra.khalil@groundwork.org.uk


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