OPP OF THE DAY: Child Support Volunteer (in the Visit Centre and Prison), Barnardo’s Prison Visiting Project

To enable children to deal with trauma through engaging and fun activities. Develop activities that will help children to engage, model good behaviour, and have well informed games like Black Sheep to help with difficult situations. Prepare resources for Family Days.

Our Prisons and Visit Centres are located in:
Stoke Heath
Swinfen Hall

Most of our centres open every day, except Fridays.

Min 4 hours per week for a min of 6 months. No maximum period, some of our volunteers have been with us for 22 years, others have gone on to gain our free qualifications and joined us in paid employment. For the prisoners and families we like consistent days to encourage healthy relationships, confidentiality and trust.

Recommended skills:
The desire to want to make a difference, whether that is helping a child, family or prisoner or keeping our centres clean and user friendly. If you have the passion to see the big picture of assisting families affected by parental imprisonment, we need you. Enthusiasm and positivity is all you need, we will do the rest.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Avarita Dunkley
Email: avarita.dunkley@barnardos.org.uk
Tel: 01902 703254

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