OPP OF THE DAY: Support Volunteer – The Multiple Sclerosis Society (Dudley District Branch)

Why we need you
We’re the MS Society – a community of people living with MS, scientists, campaigners, listeners, organisers, ambassadors and fundraisers. 68% of all our activity is delivered through voluntary contribution. Join us.

Our local groups are run by volunteer teams who fundraise and deliver a range of activities and services to support people affected by MS.

We receive thousands of support requests each month. We can’t meet these requests without the vital contribution of our telephone, face to face and online support roles, ensuring that no one faces MS alone.

What the role involves

    • Promoting our publications and web based services.
    • Signposting people to up to date information about services either from external sources or local groups.
    • Signposting people with in depth support needs to our national MS Helpline.
    • Informing people about and signposting to health, care, benefits and other relevant services in the area.
    • Assisting people to complete grant applications and helping to collate supporting paperwork.
    • Offering support to attend a social activity for the first time.
    • Reducing isolation by visiting hospitals or residential settings.
    • Helping the Lead Support Volunteer collate local services signposting lists.
    • Connecting people to other sources of help such as peer networks and social events.
    • Report back on the work of the MS Support team as required

Which skills, experience and abilities you need for this role

Must have

– Confident using the internet and email.
– Empathetic listening and interpersonal skills.
– Adopt an objective view rather than a personal one.

Might have? We can help you learn

– Committed to our values.
– Willing to develop on skills and experience.
– Able to recognise and respect a diversity of views, attitudes and lifestyles and maintain confidentiality.
– Able to apply disability, equality and inclusion practices.
We can support your learning in developing these skills; please discuss your needs with us.


Lyndsay Smith
Email: Lyndsay.Smith@mssociety.org.uk

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