OPP OF THE DAY: Pioneer, Read Easy

Each Read Easy group is set up by a local volunteer ‘Pioneer’,who networks and mobilises others in their community to join them in setting up a team of volunteers to run the proposed group. Pioneers are guided through the process by their Regional Adviser who is always available to provide plenty of support and access to all the resources needed.

Once established, each new group is legally and financially independent, but affiliated to Read Easy UK as part of a wider network of groups.

All groups are supported centrally by Read Easy UK and are provided with resources, guidance, training materials and publicity to help ensure the ongoing
success of the group.

What’s involved in being a Pioneer?
Working with the support of your Regional Adviser, you would:
• network with other organisations to establish interest and support
• publicise the project
• find other volunteers to form a team
Pioneers can, if they wish, share the role with another volunteer.

What’s in it for you?
Becoming a Pioneer will give you the chance to:
• offer life-changing opportunities to local people
• create a new community of like-minded volunteers
• use or develop skills to benefit others
• experience the benefits of initiating and seeing through
a rewarding project

Recommended skills:
• energetic and enthusiastic
• keen to make a difference in their communities
• familiar with their local area
• self-motivated and organised
• good at networking and communicating
• able to inspire and engage others
• available for part of the working week

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Kris Ventris-Field
Email: kris@readeasy.org.uk

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