OPP OF THE DAY: Various roles with Stourbridge Cricket club

“Stourbridge C.C Promoting Excellence in Cricket”

Volunteers at the centre of our activities

Catering, Bar work, Gardening and Groundwork

Stourbridge Cricket club wish to offer following opportunity for volunteers to support our activities.

• Seasonal opportunity: May to end of August
• Time from 11am to 6pm
• To help prepare a healthy cricket Buffett for 15 people
– prepare arrange of sandwich
– include a variety of fruit, savouries
– ensure hot drinks
• Set teas for two teams and a VIP table
• Tidy and wash up after the teas
• Put away cutlery, plates and tables

Bar Work
• Learn basic bar work skills
– Serve a range of drinks
– Serve a range of confectionary and soft drinks
– Take money and give correct change
– Ensure bar is clean and tidy

• To plan, plant, and showcase parts of the cricket ground as a garden
• Cultivate parts of the ground into flower beds
• To take care of the flower beds and maintain them
• To action horticultural work as required by the weather and the season

• To assist in the preparation of cricket ground
– Cut outfield using appropriate mower
– Weed the outfield
– Water the pitch as required
– Assist with movement of equipment such as covers
• To roll the pitches as required
• To weep and prepare pitches when required
• To assist in the covering of pitches as required
• To learn how to clean and care for mowers and other machinery
• To undertake Groundsman’s course if appropriate
• To assist in supporting cricket matches over the week- end if appropriate

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Harilal Jivan-Patel
Email: hjivanpate@aol.com

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