New Early Help Enabler wishes to build connections with voluntary, community and faith sector groups who support children and young people

What is Early Help?

Early Help is when action is taken as early as possible to provide support for children, young people and their families where issues or problems are emerging. This can be anything that the family is finding difficult and don’t feel they can deal with on their own and may need that additional support. Early Help can be put in place at any time in a child’s or young person’s life. If concerns are addressed earlier we are more able to bring about change and problems don’t become entrenched.

What is the role of the Early Help enabler?

The role of the Early Help enabler is to support organisations across the partnership (e.g. Health, Schools, Visitors, Colleges, Volunteer groups etc…) to ensure practitioners are confident with the Early Help process, so they understand how to enable people to access Early Help.

The role is to support the people that work with children young people and families, they can go through the full process with professionals so they are fully supported. We also offer different levels of support, they can support both the organisation and the parents. They want people to know that they can always pick up the phone and talk to them about Early Help.

Enablers can help you to undertake an Early Help Assessment and create a bespoke support plan, and build a meeting around the family. They can support you by chairing meetings or come out to your organisation and talk about their role, early help and how the thresholds work. They are there to make organisations feel confident with Early help, and offer support and guidance.

The enablers can support you with having these conversations and help you to explain it fully and put a package of support around the family to protect them.

Early help and Voluntary Sector link

Sam Pryor is now the link for the Early help and the Voluntary sector, and is available to offer support and guidance to voluntary/community groups who work directly with children and families around Early Help.

01384 812440

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