A volunteer’s eye view of … selection and interviews #tuneintuesdays

Things are going great, they’ve called me in for an interview!

You are so excited and have obviously passed the initial stage of the selection process as you’ve just been invited to call in for an interview.  What do you wear? How long will it take to get there? I need to make sure I’m not late and make a really good impression.  Wait a minute though, I wonder if there are stairs, how am I going to manage them with my walking stick?  They want a presentation about how I can help to improve their services! Wow this must be a really important role and it’s probably going to lead to paid work.

There’s no-one here to meet me …

So how do I get in the building? I’ve been pushing the intercom for ages and I’m going to be late at this rate.  Hang on someone is coming that’s a relief.  Wish me luck.

I’ve been sitting in this waiting area for ages and my interview time was half an hour ago. I hope they know I’m here.  The person on the desk wasn’t very friendly so I don’t want to ask if they have told them I’m here.  Maybe they are just busy, that will be it.  Hang on someone is coming they look important, here goes.

Wow there is a panel of 3 people I wasn’t expecting this. It feels like a job interview and the questions they are asking are very challenging, they just asked me about my first job and what skills I’ve got.  There have been two interruptions already, with people coming in and asking Mrs Williams questions, she must be the boss. Hang on she’s just left the room, that’s a bit odd.  Mr Taylor has just got up and said he has to go now, that’s strange. Have they lost interest in me, I feel really awkward.  They were running through the role and my expected commitment, then they left.  The person who’s left is looking at their phone, that’s really rude!

They think it’s all over …

Mrs Williams they have just thanked me for coming and I’m being escorted out, apparently they will write and let me know if I’ve been successful.  Maybe this is a paid role, it all seems really formal.  I would really have liked to ask them some questions about what exactly the role involves, although they were talking about a completely different role from the one I applied for and I don’t really have the skills they are asking for, I haven’t got a degree. Also I wanted to ask if there was any training involved and if I would get expenses reimbursed, I can’t really justify spending £4.50 a day as the role is 5 days a week and I’m on benefits.

Wow that receptionist is a bit stroppy they just shouted at me for not signing out.  Not sure if this is somewhere I want to come back too, it all seems like work to me, not volunteering.

I’ve got a letter … hope it’s good news

Oh dear that was short and to the point.

“We found you to be unsuitable for the role following your interview and your motivations for volunteering do not meet our mission statement”

That’s that then isn’t it?

Hang on, they didn’t ask me about why I wanted to volunteer, I had an answer prepared and everything, but no-one asked.  It must be my fault and it would have been nice to have some feedback and explain why I’m unsuitable.  Maybe I’m not good enough for them and just not cut out to volunteer 😦


Please don’t forget if you need any help or support I’m happy to help and that’s what I’m here for 🙂  Just contact me on eileen@dudleycvs.org.uk

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