OPP OF THE DAY: Cycle Support Rider – Age UK Dudley

To promote Age UK Dudley’s services and activities for older people.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The role involves: Undergoing Volunteer Cycling Support Rider training, which includes:
– How to carry out a bicycle check (get client to make adjustments or recommend take to reputable cycle shop)
– Look at cycle routes
– carry out reconnoitres and risk assessments.
– How to ride with a group and the size of the group (recommend 6 – 8 riders maximum to 2 Support Riders) and associated etiquette to cycling in a group.
– Assessing ability of cycling participants.
– Communication between front and back Support Riders.
– Legalities of riding, such as lights, helmets, etc.
– Be aware of accident procedure
– Undergoing Criminal Records Bureau check
– Wear yellow vests to identify Support Riders
– Obtain name, contact, age and Next of Kin contact details of cycling participants
– Have Outdoor Health Questionnaires completed by participants.
– Support cycle rides – warm up, brisk ride, warm down. Build in ‘progression’ to subsequent rides, increasing speed, length or including inclines.
– Observe participants, warn of dangers (such as traffic, uneven surfaces, obstacles, etc) and give assistance where needed.
– On Cycle Ride Attendance Register, write short report of the ride such as weather conditions, incidents, etc. – Forward attendance registers to LEAP Over 60 Project on a monthly basis

Your role will also require you:
– To attend volunteer meetings and undertake any further training required.
– To wear a name badge when attending cycle rides and to carry a personal identity card when on Age UK Dudley Business
– To contact the emergency services (999 or 112) in case of emergency.
– To ensure the Project Co-ordinator is informed of any problems.


René Evans
Email: volunteer@ageukdudley.org.uk
Tel: 01384 356150

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