Volunteers: The Ultimate in Recycling


alternative alternative energy clouds eco energy Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You know, typically, when we think of recycling, we picture a bulldozer scooping mountains of trash to process for reuse and hmm, this is a really demeaning way to picture volunteers. But the word recycling also has nuanced meanings that have nothing to do with trash and maybe everything to do with the incredible potential volunteerism brings. For instance, some of those nuanced words are:

reclaim: Think of working or retired teachers, nurses, executives, web designers and every skilled human being out there including social workers, advocates, and parents. Think of the wealth of experience and practiced skills they bring. Reclaiming those skills and putting them to work helping organizations achieve goals is reclaiming at its best.

restore: Giving volunteers the opportunity to restore and hone their skills after any change in status is one of the things we do best.  Think of the student…

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