We can help you get the tools and techniques you need to manage volunteers effectively! @DudleyCVS @DudleyMBC

  • Are you new to managing volunteers?
  • Do you think you need to update your volunteer management systems?
  • Have you suddenly acquired volunteer management responsibilities and don’t know where to start?

We are here to HELP!    

Click here for more info and to book a place!

Whatever your needs, our special full day session on volunteer management techniques and tools is bound to help!

You will take a journey through every element of good practice for a volunteer programme, right from preparing necessary policies before involving volunteers, through planning volunteer involvement, recruiting, supporting, retaining, to volunteers leaving. Every learner will be provided with a resources including information sheets, publications and sample documents to take away and of course, the Volunteer Centre will be happy to support learners as they develop their systems, offering ongoing support and information.

Together we will look at:

  • your roles and responsibilities when involving volunteers
  • volunteer policies
  • role and task descriptions
  • volunteer handbooks
  • volunteer induction
  • volunteer agreements
  • things to consider before you involve volunteers
  • where to look for volunteers
  • how to prepare for your first contact with a volunteer
  • why volunteers need support
  • the benefits of good support for both the volunteer and the organisation
  • reprimanding volunteers
  • the consequences of poor support and supervision
  • how to hang onto volunteers once you’ve got them
  • identifying why volunteers may leave and the signs to look for
  • dealing with a volunteer leaving for negative reasons
  • systems to have in place when a volunteer leaves the organisation
  • case studies to help you see the implications of poor volunteer management

We will also give you

  • resources with lots of sample documents/information sheets etc
  • Volunteer Management Good Practice Toolkit
  • ongoing support from the Volunteer Centre


There is a £25 charge for this training, to cover room hire and tea/coffee/water in the morning and afternoon. We have tried to keep the costs to a minimum and hope you understand. You are most welcome to bring your own lunch.


“I must thank you for the training which was very insightful and simple to understand the ins and outs of volunteering management. It will also help us develop our volunteering documents.”

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