Could you use some enthusiastic young people to do some ad hoc volunteering work for you? @CadetsWMP

The new West Midlands Police Cadets scheme has just its latest Cadets Unit in Dudley.  These 13-16 year olds would love to build their active citizens portfolio and help their communities.  They are enthusiastic, good-natured, and will always be fully supervised by their adult Cadet Leaders.

Dudley Cadets meet on Wednesdays between 4.30PM and 6.30PM in the Holly Hall area of Dudley, but they are able to travel out given enough notice, and stay a little later for special activities or events.  They only meet during term time and current available dates for their volunteering services between now and the summer holidays are as followed:

  • 13th June
  • 20th June
  • 27th June
  • 11th July

Please note that the Cadets, though largely under 16, are covered by West Midlands Police public liability insurance.  We appreciate that many organisations do not work with volunteers under the age of 16 as their insurance does not allow them to.

The Cadets are open to suggestions so whether it is helping to host community events, clearing allotments, painting fences, or helping out at food banks and soup kitchens, we want to hear from you.  All activities must be risk assessed and parental consent secured, so two week’s notice is requested. Get in touch with Cadets Implementation Manager, Abigail Simkin, at


Abigail Simkin

Cadets Implementation Manager, People and Organisational Development

West Midlands Police


Twitter: @CadetsWMP

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