A self-study workbook for charity shop volunteers.

Is self-study the way forward for your volunteer training programme?  

NEW – role specific self-study workbooks for volunteers from VOLUNTEER SOLUTIONS

I don’t normally share this kind of post, but I came have bought several training packs from Volunteer Solutions, who produce lots of training materials for the voluntary sector in all sorts of areas. They are voluntary sector based, so their packs are tailored to the sector.  Just thought this may be useful or of interest to you?

Everyone recognises the importance of training volunteers, but with funding and time constraints it sometimes gets put to one side.

We know from feedback that our Volunteer Self-study workbooks help you to deliver general training. Now in response to requests we are developing role specific self-study workbooks.
First in this series is the self-study workbook for Charity Shop volunteers (details below).

Others will follow soon.

If there is a volunteer self-study workbook you would like developed – get in touch.

A self-study workbook for charity shop volunteers.

Being a charity shop volunteer should not just be a case of ‘turn up and get stuck in’ ; in these days of competitiveness and the need to optimise income there is a bit more to it than that. As your face on the High Street your volunteers need to understand the importance of their role in the bigger fundraising picture; as well as having some strategies to deal with any challenges they face while maintaining good customer relations.

On completion of the workbook participants will:

  • have information on the history and current situation regarding charity shops
  • have an understanding of the organisation’s retail operations – the purpose and aims
  • have explored their role as a charity shop assistant
  • have identified any policies that may affect their role or the shops operation
  • have reflected more on their role in terms of good practice and customer service
  • have considered how they might deal with any challenges they may face
  • have thought about their progression within the shop

This Workbook is available as a download only.

Also included in the download is

  •  A complimentary multi-licence Skills Portfolio for use by your volunteers
  • A sample completion certificate in Word for you to customise

Order on line at

Price £8.00
This is the first in our volunteer role specific self-study workbook series produced in response to numerous requests.

Other titles in this role specific series will be available shortly and we are happy to produce a self-study workbook specific to your volunteer roles.

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