Our very own Volunteers of the Year

Thanks for sharing this fab blog post Becky, it’s nice to have a volunteer’s view of the Dudley Volunteer Awards experience 🙂

Dudley Young Health Champions!

First things first, congratulations to everyone that won an award at the Dudley Volunteer Awards 2017! What a fabulous night it was, from the performers and speakers, to the volunteers and lets not forget the Mayor and Mayoress being present!

Such hard work had gone into making the night as great as it was and i just want to put out a big THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in planning and making it happen!

Dudley CVS awards have a theme every year and this years was that every volunteer brings colour to black and white and their community. During the night a whopping 47 certficates were handed out and 59 volunteers across Dudley have been recognised and 17 awards where given out, 2 of them being Dudley Young Health Champrions- myself and Kiera Pooler.

The panel felt that the two nominees (me and Kiera) were ‘quite exceptional…

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