OPP OF THE DAY: Trainee Tour Guides, St. Thomas’ Church Stourbridge

Are you interested in History? Are you outgoing and comfortable talking to people? Would you like to volunteer to be a Tour Guide for the only Grade I listed building in Stourbridge? The commitment would be occasional and working with a team.

1. Have an interest in history and be able to pass that on to visitors to the Church.

2. Acquaint yourself with the history and fabric of St. Thomas’ by studying the brochure “A Journey Through Time” and any other documents concerned with the history, use and people of the Church and the parish.

3. Be comfortable talking to people and passing on your knowledge.

4. Be considerate in your dealings with all-comers.

5. Parties visiting the Church will be usually be in organised groups with their own leaders. Any unacceptable behaviour or lack of discipline by members of groups should be dealt with by the leaders/organisers of the Group.   Especially when children or vulnerable groups are involved.

6. Some Tour Guides may become speakers at outside venues for which a PowerPoint presentation will need to be compiled.  Help with this can be provided.

7. When leading tours or speaking at outside venues you will need to keep in mind that you are representing St. Thomas’ Parish.

8. When providing teas/coffees ensure that they are provided in a manner that gives due regard to the health and safety of visitors.

9. Acquaint yourselves with the fire safety equipment in the Church and be aware of the routes to conduct visitors out of the building in the case of fire.

10. Acquaint yourselves with the location of the First Aid box.

11. Keep a record of the numbers of visitors and encourage them to sign the Visitors’ Book.

12. Ensure that after each Tour the Church is left in a safe and tidy condition.   Locked and lights out according to the time of day.

13. Attend and report to Tours Committee Meetings when called.

Volunteers don’t need to be churchgoers but should be sympathetic to the building as a place of worship.
Volunteers should be presentable – just in the clean and tidy sense not the “office” sense.

We are friendly, there is no formality and they can contact any of the committee at any time. They will not be alone when conducting a tour as others will attend to provide refreshments.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Wendy Hemming
Email: whemming@yescomputers.co.uk

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