OPP OF THE DAY: a volunteering role with a twist – could you play the role of an evacuee! @DudleyNews1 @Dudley_Chron

Dudley MBC are running a rest centre exercise at the Crystal Leisure Centre on 28th September from 1.30pm to approximately 3.30pm and they need some volunteers who may like to come along and act as evacuees.  The idea is for rest centre staff to practice in a safe environment their procedures for looking after evacuees in the event that they may need to open up a rest centre in an emergency.

Full instructions would be given to the ‘evacuees’ on what is required of them (they would be given cards with instructions on as to how we require them to act) – it is all very informal it is just to help our staff practice.  Tea/coffee and biscuits will be provided.


Helen Lowe

Health Protection Officer, Contingency & Disaster Management

Dudley MBC, People Directorate, Health & Wellbeing

01384 811552 or Helen.Lowe@dudley.gov.uk

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