URGENT- Big Lottery Youth Investment Fund for Dudley VCO’s

Dudley (CYPF) Network

Eligibility criteria
We will only fund applications from VCSE youth organisations and VCSE led partnerships
that provide frontline, open access youth services that can demonstrate:
 You/your partners have the commitment, capacity and resources to manage an
investment of this scale, (Total grant £150,000 – £750,000).
 That a significant proportion of you/your partner’s beneficiaries are young people.
We consider young people to be those who are 10 – 18 years old (10 – 25 years with
a disability or special educational needs). All of your youth beneficiaries should be
located in the targeted areas.
 You/your partners have an evidenced track record in delivering frontline services
with and for young people.
 You/your partners are based in or be able to demonstrate strong links to the
community you intend to support.
 You have at least three unrelated people on the organisation’s governing body.
We anticipate making the first…

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