Sustainability and Volunteerism

love this post and it’s spot on. The key principles are still so important, but we need to look at the bigger picture going forward 🙂


Sustainability and Volunteerism

Retention: the continued possession, use, or control of something.

Does that sound like the volunteerism you know? Not to me either. Maybe it’s time to rethink using the phrase “volunteer retention,” because it conjures up images of a stagnant retention pond. It also rhymes with detention which is closely related to imprisonment. (shudder)

So, if we stop using that phrase, then do we have to rethink the old principles behind it such as:

  • make the volunteers feel welcomed
  • say thank you a lot
  • be mindful of their time

What???? But wait. Just because these principles are fluffy and nice, it  doesn’t mean they are still the best for the changing landscape of volunteerism. Maybe it’s time to retire volunteer retention and instead, embrace volunteer sustainability. Ok, so swapping phrases does not make for innovation. I get that.

What is the difference then, between retention and sustainability? Well, we’ve all been…

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