Let’s Leave Volunteer Management in Better Shape Than We Found It

Loving this truly inspirational blogpost about the legacy of being a volunteer manager and the challenges of our profession


word-cloud-final-session.jpg Action words to strengthen the future of volunteer management

For three days, leaders of volunteers came together at The 2017 National Summit on Volunteer Engagement Leadership to collectively share and brainstorm the future. This summit actually extends far beyond “national” as we were joined by leaders from other countries such as Rob Jackson from the UK.

This energy of collective purpose is akin to swigging a chilled bottle of sports drink after a long grueling run through the blistering desert. Sometimes we can feel isolated. Often we may feel that progress is slow. Many times we feel as though we make no perceptible difference in the scheme of things.

But, each one of us makes an impression on our surroundings. Each one of us creates ripples that travel in circles radiating outwards. Each of us eventually leaves our profession behind. How will we leave it?

Recently I said this in…

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