OPP OF THE DAY: Treasurer, Grasshoppers Netball

Got an interest in numbers? Like things neat & tidy?treasurer
Fancy being Treasurer of a local netball Club?

If you can say yes to all the above, you’re just the person we’re looking for!
Our current Treasurer is having to step down for personal reasons, and no Club members are up for the challenge at the moment, too busy concentrating on their on-court skills!
No accountancy type skills are required, just common sense and good record keeping.

All monthly Senior subs are done online; Junior subs are looked after by Junior coach and then passed to Treasurer on a regular basis.
Affiliations are generally done once a year in August.
Online banking is set up & training venue fees for Juniors are paid in this way, with Senior training invoices paid by cheque.
Committee meetings are held every 2 – 3 months (at a local pub, usually around the Dudley area!), where updates on accounts are presented, & Club business is discussed.

Main Duties:
– Be responsible for the management of the Club’s finances in accordance with the decisions of the committee and have the right to query any expenditure.
– Recommend action on financial matters to the committee.
– Ensure that all England Netball affiliation monies are returned by the date requested.
– Present a written financial report to meetings of the Committee.
– Present an Annual report at the Club’s AGM.
– Be responsible for all monies belonging to the Club.
– Receive and request Club monies from the members of the Club.
– Ensure the Club adheres to England Netball Duty of Care Guidelines.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please read the ‘official’ line from our Club Handbook, & contact Gayna (Club Chair) by Email to gaynjo@talktalk.net or ring 07981 870324/0121 439 5322


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