OPP OF THE DAY: Sort Room Volunteer, British Heart Foundation (Halesowen)

Whether you’re a keen rummager, an organised operator or love the look of a freshly ironed shirt we have a role for you. If you like things to be neat and tidy then we need your help sort the donations we receive into their different categories. If you’re a lover of the iron then master the mighty steamer and watch those creases and wrinkles disappear. If you love searching for the best finds carefully sift through our sort room and uncover the hidden riches that lay beneath.

Laugh and catch up with other volunteers over the sort room table or over a cup of tea and biscuit at break time. At the end of the day go home feeling satisfied and proud that you have helped to raise vital funds for research into combating heart disease. Whether you’re a lover of vintage clothing, stunning jewelry or beautiful bric-a-brac or fancy the company of other friendly volunteers the sort room is the place to be. Perfect for enhancing your CV and skills set we also offer our volunteers the choice to do free NVQ qualifications* England shops only


Emma Hill
Email: H13@bhf.org.uk
Contact number: 0121 585 0748

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