The Coseley Comets In The Community – an amazing band of dedicated volunteers

The Comets have had a very successful first six months working in the community that we serve.

In March we conducted a workshop at Darkhouse Girls Brigade and Boys Club. We had a really good time. The band performed for the youngsters and then some of them came and had a go at some of the instruments that they liked.

Also in March, the band conducted two workshops at The Way, the brand new Youth Club in Wolverhampton. Again the band performed for the youngsters and following that we conducted a workshop where the youngsters came up and had a go at some of the instruments and apparatus. It was a really good couple of weeks and we gained some good contacts. Friendships were also made.

For the second year running, the band also had a stall at the parents evening of Wilkinson Primary School. We talked to a lot of parents over the two days and the main aim of the presence was to champion the name of the band in the Bradley community, which we did. We would like to say a big thank you to the staff and management team of Wilkinson Primary School for allowing us to attend the event.

The band also appeared on The Paul Collins Show on Black Country Radio. Five of the band appeared live on the radio talking about the band for a 60 minute slot. It was a really good experience and would like to thank Paul Collins and the staff of Black Country Radio for their fantastic hospitality. They really looked after us and we have been asked to go again later on in the year

April 4th saw the band conduct a special assembly at Hurst Hill Primary School. Some of the senior members and staff did the 30 minute assembly and introduced the band to the school and the children. The members did a introduction and the pupils came up and tried the instruments. We would like to thank the staff of Hurst Hill Primary School for allowing us to spread the name of the band.

10th June saw the bands first public community performance of 2017 with the band playing at St Chad’s Summer Fayre. As the 2017 programme was not fully complete they performed a couple of numbers from the 2017 show, From Here To Eternity. To complete the show we performed our signature numbers, ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from Les Miserables and the Frankie Valli hit ‘Oh What A Night’

17th June saw the Coseley Fun Day, organised by Coseley Big Local. For the first time at the Fun Day the band performed at the Chainyards pub prior to the event to advertise the event. We then moved to Clayton Park where after a short break we performed, for the first time our 2017 production in full ‘From Here To Eternity’, and also for the first time we performed the marching show as well, thus giving the community the full package of what we are all about. Again as last year after each performance we invited the youngsters of the community to have a go on the instruments.

24th June saw the band perform in the Walsall area for the first time, playing at the Leamore Fun Day. Once again we performed a couple of times and the band really responded for the community. We should have conducted a parade through the streets but due to the police not turning up the parade was done through the estate. We would like to thank Bob and his team at Leamore for asking us to perform, and we hope that we continue our relationship over the years to come.

1st July saw the band perform at Darkhouse Summer Fayre. We have played at Darkhouse over the last couple of years and we really enjoy performing there. The weather was good and we performed our 2017 show a couple of times for the assembled audience. After that one of our members went into the stocks and was peppered with water, raising valuable money for the church. Once again many thanks for Darkhouse for inviting us.

Our community engagements finished for the first half of the year with The Black Country Festival Day. Our day started at 11am where our brass section performed for the church opening their Black Country Summer Fayre. An appreciative audience saw the band perform their 2017 production plus the standard numbers, I Dreamed A Dream and Oh What A Night.

Following that we loaded the cars and moved on to Dudley for the main festival. This year the band were more involved than ever. At 12pm the band led a parade to open the event through the Town centre from The Fellows Pub to the Town Centre Stage. There we met the Mayor and he opened the Town Stage. We then performed at the stage, playing tunes from previous shows. Following that the parade continued, this time with the Mayor to the main stage in Stone Street, and the Mayor opened the main stage. The band then performed at the main stage, this time playing our 2017 production.

We enjoyed a short break then made a reappearance on the Town Stage, this time performing our 2017 production, ‘From Here To Eternity’ At each performance both parade and standstill we performed in front of appreciative audiences, and we have a fantastic day.

The Charity Secretary of the band Steve Poole said ‘The band have really got involved in the community this year, performing at many events which are varied in their nature. The band love performing in front of their community and we spread the name of Coseley, Dudley, Bilston and The Black Country wherever we go. We see ourselves as Ambassadors for the Black Country.

We would like to thank the organisers of the events for asking us to perform, The Way, Wilkinson Primary, Hurst Hill Primary, Jenni at The Way, Paul Love and his team at St Chad’s, Jan Williams and her team at Darkhouse, Brian Guest, Neil Langford and all the team at Coseley Big Local, Bob and his team at Leamore Fun Day. Also a thank you to Dave Brownhill, Steve Edwards, Billy Spakemon, Kevin Matthews, Gemma Williams, Jacki Wynn and the Events Team at Himley Hall, and all the team at the Black Country Festival. This event gets bigger every year, and with the event falling on Black Country Day next year it can only get bigger.

But the biggest thank you must go to the staff and the members of the band, without their drive, determination and overall commitment to the cause there would not be a band. We are always looking for new talent to join our ranks. No experience is necessary, and we take youngsters from the age of 6. Anyone who is interested in joining the band you are welcome at any of our practices, details are on our website and facebook pages, or contact the band through facebook or the website, and someone will come back to you

The band are always looking for new performance opportunities to give our youngsters a different experience. However our calendar fills up quickly, so if anybody wishes to book the band please contact us as soon as details become available

We now take a short break from community events to give the youngsters a break and to get ready for the second half of the year. There are many prestigious events lined up for The Coseley Comets from October to the end of the year culminating in our performance at The Birmingham International Tattoo on the weekend of the 25th and 26th November. To see the band and many others tickets are now on sale on the Tattoo website’

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