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17-7-4Most people get a free newspaper through their door or pick up a free one when they are getting on a bus or train, it’s something we take for granted.

For some people though it’s not so easy!  Why not offer to read the paper to an older person, or someone with a visual impairment, so they feel connected with what’s going on in the world. You could also help them by reading letters, cards even bills, so they know exactly what’s going on.  This a great social role and makes a huge difference to someone who feels isolated through age or sensory impairment.  Beacon Centre for the Blind are always looking for volunteers from across the borough and Age UK has Good Neighbour volunteer roles too, so why not get in touch.

Marketing, press releases and social media

17-7-4-2Do you have media, marketing or communication skills?  If so there are not-for-profit groups across the borough who need volunteers with this kind of expertise to help them tell the world what they are doing and spread the word about their services. You could help with newsletters, social media, websites etc., so why not get in touch with the Volunteer Centre to see what sort of roles we have on our books?



Spread the word – volunteer!

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